15 Tips for washing your kids hair 20

We have all been there.  The screams and tears over hair washing and that was just me not the boys!  Well I am here to let you know that it gets better and now at eight and nine my boys can wash their hair on their own and we no longer have any issues so here is what worked with us to make washing kids hair much easier.

15 Tips for making toddler hair washing less stressful

15 Tips for making toddler hair washing less stressful

Mini bath

  1. Kid’s hair doesn’t actually get that dirty.  I only really washed the boys hair once a week and sometimes even less than that and sometimes I just wet it!  We only really started with the true hair washing when they started getting really grubby.  When they were small I often would just wipe it over with a damp flannel.
  2. Wash hair at the beginning of the bath and get it out of the way
  3. Do not feel apprehensive about hair washing time, children can feed off your feelings.
  4. You could use a dry flannel folded up in to thirds for their eyes and either hold it fore them or get them to hold it to protect their eyes or you can get foam visors. Or if they really don’t like water near their eyes you could always give swimming goggles a try.
  5. Get them to tip their head back and look at a point on the ceiling – you could pop a sticker or a safety mirror on the ceiling for them to look at.
  6. If they don’t like tipping their head back try tipping it forward.
  7. We used to use a toy watering can to wet and rinse the boys hair.  They also loved using it for playing in the bath.
  8. Make it fun.  Make both bathtime and hair washing fun.  We used to have lots of toys for the boys to play with in the bath, they knew that they got to play after their hair was washed.  Water pistols were and still are a huge hit in my bathroom.
  9. Let them wash your hair.  We went through a stage where the boys refused to have their hair washed so we let them wash ours to show that there was nothing to be scared off.  I am a big believer in modelling behaviour you would like to see.
  10. Role play.  Why not let your kids play at being mum and washing their dolls hair.
  11. Using a shower attachment gets the hair rinsed much faster than a cup or jug which means the ordeal will be over faster!
  12. Let them do it themselves.  Sometimes giving them the responsibility is enough to let them not worry
  13. Try a different place, if they don’t like it is the bath try moving hair washing into the shower.about it.  Kids love to be independant.
  14. Be prepared.  Yes bathtime can get a little messy and the floor can get a little wet, so be prepared and put bath mats down and towels too.  Bathroom Furniture is designed to get wet and is easily wipeable.
  15. Remember it is a phase.  this too will pass.

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