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20 Delightful DIY Candle Holders and Luminaries

20 Delightful DIY Candle Holders and Luminaries

I am a big fan of DIY candle holders and luminaries.  They are brilliant for lightening dark days.  There is something magical about candlelight.  This is something that the Danish know all about with Hygge – apparently, they burn more candles than any other country in the world.

20 Delightful DIY Candle Holders and Luminaries

When the children were small we had a big hiatus of using real flame candles and started using LED battery operated tealights.  Now they are older we are back using real flames, but we also love battery ones for safety too.

20 Delightful DIY Candle Holders and Luminaries

But candle holders and luminaries are not just for winter, they can brighten up any day and are perfect for making dinners special.

Dandelion paper lanterns – There is something magical about dandelion clocks.  Blowing them and making a wish.  These paper lanterns are truly magical.

DIY Mid Century Candle Holders – How beautiful are these Catherine Holm inspired candle holders. Perfect for decorating a mid-century inspired home.

Simple New Year Craft - DIY Wine Bottle Lights

Recycled Wine Bottle Lights – What a great upcycle for wine bottles.  This has so much potential.

Paper Snowflake Luminary – These delightful luminaries look just as good in daylight as in the dark.  They are truely beautiful

heart cutout tea light holders

DIY Heart Cutout Tea Light Holders – These are perfect for valentines day or for any hearts fan and they are super simple and guess what you can use microwave drying clay!

DIY Christmas Candle Holders – I love how simple and beautiful these candle holders are and also they are super simple to adaprt to differnt colour schemes too.

Photo Jar Luminaries –  These are my favorite Luminaries of all.  They look amazing and are great for weddings, significant birthday or just for sharing images of your loved ones.

DIY Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries – There is something ethereal about these simple frosted glass luminaries and they are deceptively simple to make.

Fine Motor Lantern Craft – This is a fun craft idea to make with kids that will work on their fine motor strength and skills.  I love how flexible they are, make red ones for Chinese New year or even match them to your birthday party colours.

 DIY Christmas Tree Luminaries

Tree Clay Luminaries –  These are just so much fun, bit also so stylish.  A perfect decoration to bring our year after year.

 Colour Block Candle Holders – You will never guess what these are made of.  I love how fast these are to make.  They would look fantastic at a party or a wedding.

Fairy Jar Lanterns –  Oh my, these are just so magical.  Spread some fairy dust with these gorgeous and simple lanterns

Salt dough valentine candle holders – Salt dough is such a versatile craft material and these candle holders are really long lasting as long as they are varnished.

Fairy House Luminaries – How wonderful to have child friendly fairy houses that light up.  I can see hours of fun being had by these.

DIY Winter Village Luminaries – How wonderful would it be to raid the recycling container and create a whole village that lights up at night?

 Mondrian Inspired Jar Luminaries

Mondrian Inspired Jar Luminaries – learn more about renown Dutch artist Mondrian with these simple and delightful luminaries.

Cornflour Dough Tea Light Holders – Another homemade dough that is perfect for making tea light holders.

Tin Can lanterns – Another fabulous up cycle.  These are so versatile and look amazing.

cardboard tube houses

Cardboard Tube Village – Make a beautiful and simple cardboard tube village full of colourful houses that can light up. A frugal kids craft.

Winter Snowflake Jar Luminary

Snowflake Jar Luminary –  This is such a simple way to recycle old jars and really versatile too.  Look at how beautiful they are when made for valentines or Halloween.

20 Delightful DIY Candle Holders and Luminaries. Brighten up even the darkest night with these beautiful DIY crafts for all year round.

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