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20 Stick Crafts and Activities

We love crafting and creating here in the Mad House and sticks are something that I always find at the front door – oh yes, currently there is a large stick, which I have been informed is Mini’s Gandalf stick and needs to remain there! So we love stick crafts.

Stick crafts and activities

Over the summer I joined in with a group of other bloggers in producing a weekly craft and sticks was on our agenda.

20 Stick Crafts and Activities

  1. Nature paintbrushes
  2. 3D and 2D shapes with craft sticks
  3. Toy Teepee
  4. Darth Vader craft stick puzzle
  5. How to make God’s Eyes/Ojo de Dios
  6. Yarn wrapped sticks
  7. Teepee tealight holder
  8. Pick-up sticks game
  9. Cherry Blossom Tree
  10. Bubble Wrap Handprint Tree
  11. Minion Alphabet Sticks
  12. Syllable Sticks : a craft to help with clapping out syllables
  13. Shape Sticks
  14. Stick wind chimes
  15. Lolly stick harmonica or a popsicle stick harmonica
  16. Beaded Sticks
  17. Twirling ribbon sticks
  18. Pattern Painting on Sticks
  19. Harry Potter wand
  20. Stick Hedgehog

20 stick crafts and activities

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