Daily Archives: July 17, 2009

Its raining its pouring

The weather is very wet at the moment, so much so that a 25 min journey took me and the boys an hour and a half this afternoon and was very hairy in places. I was secretly pretty apprehensive, but the mini’s were loving every minute of it! Especially as they watched two cars fail to make it though the flooding and they gave a great big cheer when we manged to get through, MadDads voice in my head “high revs and go slow”. I have a diesel and that does make it easier in the wet.Well one thing that is loving the rain is our garden. MadDad installed a water […]

The bad and the good

The youngest MiniMads big boy bed arrived first thing this morning and the grumpy delivery men refused to carry it upstairs – jobsworths.So I asked them to lay it down in the sitting room and we decided to go out to soft play as it was raining cats and dogs (still is in fact). The Mini’s spent 4 hours running round like the mad men they are working up a sweat and having fun.MadDad came home early to put the bed up and we decided to open the bed and carry it upstairs as it was far too heavy for me to attempt to lift. Anyway to cut a long story […]