Daily Archives: August 10, 2009

Childrens Centre Craft Afternoon

The mini’s were invited to a craft afternoon at our local children’s centre. It was still raining this afternoon, so along we went. The boys had great fun as usual and went a little overboard on the glitter and all things sparkly (they take after their mum on that one) Here is a selection of what they make, fireworks, shakers, a pasta necklace and a dragon. There was such a variety of mums and children there, the mums who were horrified a their little darlings getting covered in paint and glue, the ones who didn’t care and just left the children too it whilst they chatted (ignored them completely), the mums […]

Stone Bugs 1

Today was another raining British summer day today, so we decided to paint some stones that we collected the other weekend at the beach. The minimads have been examining bugs and lady birds lately in the garden, so I thought we could make our own colourful stone bugs. This was a really easy activity for them and they both wishes we had collected more, so we will next time and I will varnish them and we can give them as presents to family. They basically painted them in poster paint of their chosen colour and then let them dry. Then they did the detailing and stuck on googly eyes. They turned […]