Daily Archives: September 10, 2009

Afterschool Meltdown 2

I have been expecting it, waiting for it and hoping it wasn’t going to happen, but KAPOW – it happened today, in public and it happened bad. I have been taking the boys to the park after school (next door to the school) to blow off some energy after MaxiMad had been in school all day. I have made sure that I have had healthy snacks and a drink on hand in the hope that they would help any sugar dip.   But today it all went pear shaped – Maximad decided he was going to have a slide on the skateboard half pipe, which he was doing really well, but more »

Frequent Flyer 2

As you may know I live by the Fly principal for all my cleaning and lots of other things.  You may have fell into the trap of thinking that I enjoy cleaning or have a sparkling clean house and I felt the need to put you right. I HATE cleaning and use this system to be able to get by and ensure that the house is in some semblance of order.  After having two children in less than 15 months you can understand that cleaning was not anywhere near the top of my priority list, but then we moved house and I decided that I needed to do something out this. more »