Daily Archives: September 19, 2009

Cooking with Children 4

Mini and Maxi Mad both love helping out in the kitchen, but I am as guilty as others of often not letting them get stuck in due to time constraints or only allowing planned projects. Today we had no such time issues, so me and MiniMad weighted out the ingredients for a basic pizza dough and popped it in the bread machine: 540g of strong white flour – Lidl do a really reasonably priced one 1 sachet of yeast 1 tablespoon on oil 1 tablespoon of honey pinch of salt (you can leave this out, but it helps it prove) 350ml of warm tap water. Maxi Mad then pretty much did […]

Football Practise 3

Every Saturday morning finds MaxiMad and MadDad at our local AFC doing Football practice.  MaxiMad is in the tots group and spends a blissful hour come rain or shine learning new skills, enhancing the ones he already has, learning to play in a team and learning to take instruction.  He really enjoys these Saturday mornings with his dad and the one on one time they get. They play on what used to be the old senior school playing field and the council charges them £70.00 per week just to open the changing rooms and toilets in the community centre, which I think is rather excessive considering that our subscription is only £2.00 per […]

Mummy Bloggers Do It with Integrity 2

As I have just posted my first review I thought I best clarify my position on this.  I am more than happy to do reviews, preferably with a giveaway if possible on things that are relevant to me and my family.  I will always be honest with my opinions when sought and I am proud to display the “British Mummy Bloggers Do It with Integrity” badge. The “British Mummy Bloggers Do It with Integrity” badge stands for blogging with principle. By displaying the badge I agree that I will: Make transparent any relationships with products or companies Clearly label advertising, advertorials and/or sponsored posts Always write as truthfully as possible about a […]