Daily Archives: September 28, 2009

You will be assimilated, resistance is futile 4

Every afternoon since last Wednesday I have been taking MiniMad to Preschool.  every afternoon without fail I have received a phone call asking me to come and collect him early. It happened again today.  He is fine when I drop him off, he runs and pops his name on the board and gets stuck in to something, coming back to give me a quick kiss, but then about half way through his session the tears come from nowhere. He can seemingly be fine, he was coming down the slide this afternoon, when all of sudden he bursts in to floods or tears and becomes inconsolable. I took in his dummy and […]

Easy Homemade Cards 5

We have lots of birthdays to celebrate in September and we are big fans of homemade cards.  Now that MaxiMad is at school, time to make elaborate and complicated cards are a thing of the past.  We needed a quick, all inclusive idea. So we made …………………… Chicken cards, which are ever so easy and very effective. All you do is take a piece of card and trace round a plate, cut it out with pinking scissors, add a few feathers, a foam beak and a googly eye. The only part I do is the cutting, MaxiMad does the tracing and both the boys love gluing and sicking.  It makes for […]