Daily Archives: October 10, 2009

Lock up your razors – please 5

We have had a really horrible afternoon here in TheMadhouse, following what had been a good morning.  MadDad decided to do some DIY including changing a light fitting in the Study/Craft/Ironing room, which took far much longer than expected and we also put up a shelf in MiniMads room. Well all was quiet, which is very unusual here, but we were busy, so carried on.  Big Mistake.  MiniMad had located my razor, which is away in a drawer and I dont think he has ever seen me use it to be honest, but that didn’t stop him creating carnage. There was blood everywhere, he was screaming, MaxiMad was panicking.  In the […]

Finger Knitting 3

Me and MaxiMad had a go at finger knitting last night in bed.  It is something I had forgotten I even knew how to do!!! So why the finger knitting I hear you ask, well it is getting cold oop North and I have dug out the hats, scarfs and gloves out of storage, but I can only find one boy glove.  They were forever losing then last year.  So I have been and purchased some gloves (2 pair for a pound from PoundLand) and I have used the finger knitting to make a string to put through the arms of their coats. Yes this is so 1970’s, but I saves on […]