Daily Archives: October 12, 2009

Pregnancy Lows 6

A mothers secrets has asked for any experiences on pregnancy lows this month.  I have never posted about my pregnancies with the boys so thought I would participate.  Just a disclaimer before you read on, it doesnt seem all that bad or dramatic now. What can I say about being pregnant, it was a hard road for us to get MaxiMad and MiniMad, Maxi particularly. I had suffered numerous miscarriages, including twins at 20 weeks and a molar pregnancy, which meant that I had to have blood tests monthly for two years. So MadDad and I put being and getting pregnant out of our minds and enjoyed our life as a […]

I am guesting at Bah to cancer 2

Over at the fabtastic (yep that is a cross between fabulous and fantastic, as she is both) Stephanie’s Bah to cancer this morning. I am finally telling my story and my choices, if any one is interested. Whilst you are there, please also take a look at Stephanie’s  blog, which is a heart wrench, but positive story of her dance with breast cancer. Remember that is is Brest cancer awareness month, so get checking those breasts.