Daily Archives: October 16, 2009

More Halloween Crafts 9

Seen as I have the colour changing pens out already for the Autumn tree collage I did with MiniMad this morning, I decided to do some secret Halloween pictures for when the boys came home from school and preschool. Again you can not get much more simple than this.  I used the white (colour changing pen to draw Halloween shapes and words on white paper and let them lose with the others, so they could find their messages and pictures. Not elegant, but fun none the less.  You dont need to have colour changing pens to do this though, you can use a candle or a white crayon and water paints […]

Autumn Days and the Grass is Jeweled 4

My wonderful Fly friend Wendy sent this craft all ready prepared for the minimads all I added was the colour changing felt tips which had been supplied by my mother in law earlier in the year. Basically she printed out the tree and the leaves and we coloured them in with the colour change felt tips and then changed them to represent the autumnal colours that we see all around us at the moment.  This became a discussion on photosynthesis and why some tree lose their leaves and others dont – quite in dept for my 35 year old head, let alone minimads 3 year old brain who thought up all […]

Dreamy Meme 10

I have been tagged, second time this week on a meme from Josie at Sleep is for the week, which was originally started by Zooarcheaologist .  You have to write about your dream.  Well I dont really remember the dreams I have when I am asleep, so I though I would write about my dream for my life. Happiness, just happiness.  This is what I want to make my world go around.  I wish for days where the light shines through my windows in a way that it makes everything luminesce and hides the dust rather than emphasising it.  Where the dawn brings the sound and laughter of my favourite boys.  The […]