Daily Archives: November 4, 2009

Child Safe Sparklers 11

Obviously I dont give  the mini’s real sparklers, but they do see other children with them, so we came up with this as a solution. This is a really simple and fun recipe that you can do really easily with the children. Ingredients Bread sticks chocolate – milk or white hundreds and thousands or sparkles Method Melt the chocolate in the microwave Dip the bread stick in the chocolate, covering approx a third or alternatively use a brush like MiniMad Cover the chocolate area in sprinkles Eat all the sprinkles and melted chocolate you can whilst mum has her hands full and takes pictures. Enjoy! If you have a bit of time, […]

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 14

Ten years ago today my dad died.  When you say it like that it all sounds very simple, doesn’t it, but it wasn’t.  It was oh so complicated and messy. What can I tell you about my dad, well like most daughters, I was the apple of his eye.  I had a very special relationship with him, which continued till the day he died.  I was a proper daddy’s girl.  I loved being in his company and he was a great friend in addition to a super dad. Long before it was trendy to push the pram and change nappies, my dad was doing all this. He bathed me, dressed me […]