Daily Archives: November 15, 2009

Secret Christmas Ornament Swap 6

I am ever so excited Snaffles Mummy is hosting a Secret Christmas Ornament Swap.  I have already signed up and think that it is a wonderful idea.  Yep I love Christmas and building up traditions too. So here are the basics: 1. Go to Snafflesmummys blog and grab the button and put it on your blog. 2. You have to spend at least £5 before postage. 3. It is a ‘secret’ swap so no reveal until you send your ornament. 4. Once you get your swap partners name and his/her blog address give her a visit and get to know him/her a little. 5. Deadline to mail your ornament is Saturday the […]

Spiritual Sunday 3

Practice rather than Preach Now I know that this seems such as easy thing to type, but it is not an easy thing to do.  We have decided that we need to be examples for our children, we need to be their mentors and motivator, so in doing this MadDad and I need to be proactive in practicing what we preach, or rather not say and just do! This is an on-going project for MadDad and me and oh so much easier said than it is to do, so I am having to really focus and set the right example for my children.