Daily Archives: December 2, 2009

Second day of Advent and Letters to Father Christmas 4

An angel came to Nazareth A long time ago With a message from God in Heaven above To Mary on earth below “God sent me here to tell you” Said the glorious one “That you will bear a boy child And that child will be his son” The first task on the advent calender was to write a letter to Father Christmas.  Both boys took this very seriously, but only want the same things.  A box of Maltesers and a marble run!! MaxiMad decided to draw what he wanted I wrote MiniMads letter for him – he basically dictated it to me and then he put lots of stickers on it. […]

Writing Workshop on a Wednesday 8

Guilty Pleasures I am not sure that I have many pleasures that I feel guilty about, but I do have a number of things that make my life good, if not great and bring me great pleasure too. I like tea, no lets change that I love tea.  I have and am know in some circles as a Tea Monster.  It is my drink of choice, followed back Jack Daniels.  The thing is I need it to be a decent cup of tea, none of this wood shavings in a tea bag, lord no. I like my tea of of a special cup and preferably made with leaves, dont you know.  […]