Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

CyberMummy, Working with Brands – Live Blog

 14:00 – 14:50 Working with brands and the tricky business of making money How to successfully branch out, work with companies, and make your passion for blogging pay Natalie Lue, http://www.bambinogoodies.co.uk/ (moderator) Samantha Harris from Leapfrog Kelly from MS & L, MS&L Sian To, http://www.mummy-tips.com/ and As Clear As PR Gina Garrubbo, Blogher  Eva Keogan, aka Nixdminx I have been lucky enough to get to CyberMummy with the help from a number of brands.  I am the product ambassador for Carex and have been lucky enough to receive some of their new hand and Surface Spray and Aroma Gels, which I will be reviewing here.  I have also received sponsorship in the form […]

Flamingoland 2010

We all had a fantastic day out at Flamingoland last week for Mini’s birthday.  I used my Tesco vouchers, but was really disappointed to discover that this arrangement ends in July, which would mean that it would be £90.00 to get in to. The beauty of Flamingoland for us, is the variety, there are some wonderful animals.  We had a great time watching the sealion show and I could watch the mearcats all day.  Look at the camels in the photo, I had no idea that they moulted their coats. As we took the boys out of school for the day (we also took Maxi’s best friend), it was pretty quiet, […]