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Give a child a breakfast and win a years supply of breakfast for your child’s breakfast club 13

I have discussed before on this blog why breakfasts for children are so important and the fact that 1.7 million children did not eat breakfast. Kelloggs have just completed some further research in to breakfasts with UK children and the results are equally shocking:

1 in 7 UK children do not eat breakfast in the mornings – rises to 1 in 5 of secondary school children
The main reason school children skip breakfast because they have no time in the morning
UK Children spend £650m each year on buying food in shops on the way to school –
25% of children eat crisps, chocolate or burgers on the way to school
1 in 4 girls at secondary school skip breakfast and 14% of them do so because

Eating me out of house and home, the need for after school snacks 17

We were also sent some Cars 2 lunch boxes from Clintons back to school range over the summer. Mini had a day out last week, which required a lunch box and he decided that he wanted to use the Mater box, which is a pretty unusual shape, but actually it is a great shape for taking drinks upright and took all his lunch with room to spare, plus the great thing was that no other cold had one the same, which meant that it was easy to identify. The lunch box had a pull out handle, which made it easy to carry too.

The changing of Seasons and my aching heart 32

So, rather than wallow, I am making some plans and I am going to call them my Autumn Manifesto:

Use my Philips goLITE daily for up to 45 minutes
Take the boys to the park after school and try and get some fresh air every day
Make a list of three things I am grateful for at the end of each day
Make some comfort food (stews, dumplings, crumbles and soups)

Five things I want you to know about your Father 28

Now boys, I could tell you your father is a great man, a giving, loving, caring and respected man, but hopefully you will already know this. At the moment your Daddy is your hero, the person you most look up to and also the person you most want to be. As far as I am concerned that will tell you all you ever need to know about your Daddy, so instead I am going to tell you some other things about the man I am proud to call my husband.

He is the perfect person to have on your team at a music quiz. We wer

This is our happily ever after, Life lessons from the summer holiday 14

I used to be a control freak, a planner, an organiser and have always needed to be in charge. I am very good at planning and getting things done, hence the fact that I manage projects. However, over the years since I had my children and worked on my depression I have learnt that perfectionists are more likely to suffer with depression and that I have to let go.

Normally over the summer holidays I would make sure we had activities planned in for each day. I would make sure that we had a schedule and an itinerary to ensure that the boys were kept busy and I was kept in my comfort zone. However this year due to recovering from my operation and lots of other reasons I couldn’t make these plans, so we had to wing it and I had to learn to let go. It was such a hard learning curve, but has taught me some great life lessons.