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Family Film Night – A romantic interlude 1

But more than that, it reminded me why I married MadDad and just how much I enjoy his company and how much I relish time on my own with him. We have resolved to make more time for each other on an evening and also to try and arrange a couple of days or nights out just for us. For the last seven years our life has revolved around the boys and the time has come to reclaim a bit of couple time. We are not talking about a regular date night, just taking the time to chat and turn off all outside interruptions.

How do you make time for yourself and your partner?

Boys and guns 17

I have two boys aged seven and very nearly six and I remember when they were very small having a conversation with MadDad about the fact that I wasn’t going to allow toy guns in to my home. I was determined that they would grow up in an environment that didn’t promote fighting, death, anger or shooting. For the first two years of Maxi’s life, he didn’t even know what a gun was, let alone how to use them, but we got to a point where anything and every thing became a weapon. He would use sticks as arrows and swords, duplo was fashioned in to guns and imaginative play revolved around cops and robbers.
As time went on the boys toys included Playmobil knights, castles and dragons, LEGO police and Toy Story little green army men and I realised that I was trying to swim upstream against my refusal to have these thigs in our home. The final straw being when the boys were given Nerf guns and I realised that we all had a ball with them.

Gardening with Thinly Spread 5

Chris at Thinly Spread and Kate at Kate takes 5 have teamed up to produce an idiots guide to gardening with children. Even though we have raised beds, I usually leave the gardening to MadDad and the boys, but this year these ladies have inspired me to take charge and join in.

The week before last me and the boys planted tomatoes, sunflowers, peas and beans and put them in a tiny plastic greenhouse that I purchased from Aldi.

Washi Tape Magnets 5

I adore things that I can make and do that take no time at all and use things that I already have in the house.  Perfect when I need a moments “me time” in this house of chaos I live in.  When I saw this fab project on Make It, Do It, I pinned it for when I needed a moments creative space. It is a really simple project and a perfect way for using up any magnets that you get free.  I had a couple that we had received that were on our fridge.  I carefully pealed off the label, which thankfully came away very simply and left some adhesive on the magnet allowing me […]

I would like to give my Sister in Law a Big Break 2

My sister in law Debbie works tirelessly for her local community Dormanstown, which is an extremely deprived area of Teesside. She is the founder of The Ladies of Steel a charitable group that focus on the local community including providing a youth club for 8 to 15 year olds, a youth dance troop, in addition to family galas and regular children’s parties for Christmas and Easter. The ladies of Steel were awarded the honour of Voluntary group of the year 2010 by the Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency. Debbie does all this whilst managing The corus sports & social centre.

It is not babysitting 14

Today my husband is looking after our children whilst I am at Blog Camp UK. I just want to confirm that he is not babysitting the boys.

When he is out at work during the week, I do not babysit our children, so why do people insist that when he is taking sole responsibility of Mini and Maxi they insist on calling it babysitting.

So just to make it clear. He is PARENTING.

All this chocolate is obscene….. 12

As a family we look forward to Easter for the traditions we have developed and the memories we are making. We craft, bake and spend quality time together. We have an Easter egg hunt, but only for decorative ones. I give my nieces craft kits or sometimes even nothing. I do not feel the need to purchase them a gift for Easter and do not expect that they receive anything in return.

So what does Easter mean to you and how much is too much?