June 2012 | Mum In The Madhouse

June 2012

Win a free day of football coaching for a child and a friend

Summer is supposed to be on it’s way and regardless of the weather, the children will be off for their summer break!

So today I have a super competition for you to win a free day of football coaching for a child and a friend from Powerleague , who run football and sport centres across the UK. Both my boys adore football and are in U7 and U8 teams. I guess there must be something in their gene’s as MadDad played five a side football with his work until recently.

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Removing Red Wine Stains

OK So the irony isn’t lost on me. Posting a sponsored post about removing red wine stains the day after a fab Tots100 twitter chat on Children and Alcohol. but I can assure you it wasn’t me drinking the stuff. No MadDad was having a very rare glass after nearly getting stuck on Newcastle during the apocalyptic #toonfloods!
Now we have hard floors downstairs and I have never had to remove a red wine stain before, but I walked past him and spilled it on our rug. So it was time to hit google and get stain removal tips more specifically how to remove red wine stains

Initially it is important to mop it up and blot the carpet or rug with a paper towel or towel.

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My Father’s legacy

I think that my Father and Grandfather both effected my choice in men, when it came to MadDad I fell hook line and sinker for a man with echo’s of the other great men in my life. A better husband I could not have and I have had the pleasure of watching him become a great Father over these last seven years. I should have known he would do it well, as he injected me in y butt three times a day for the whole of my pregnancies and was just amazing. Watching him grow and develop with our boys has touched my heart. He makes me proud every single day and they both love him and choose to spend time with him. He is a great Father.

But my Father’s legacy doesn’t end with my boys, oh no you only have to take a look at my younger brother and the way he is with his children. He is a wonderful father to Chuky, ever the child himself. His nephews adore spending time with him and he is a good honest man. He adores his step grandchildren and is starting to look more and more like my Dad.

I am so lucky to have so many great men in my life. Happy Fathers day, to those living and to those who’s echos live on.

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All in all it took him 45 minutes to complete his macaroon and when he did, he asked if he could have his own stitching kit for his sixth birthday (which is on 24 June). Mummy best get busy then making the little man his own needle book and putting together a little pack all of his own.

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