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2013 Gingerbread House

One of our advent traditions is to make  and decorate a gingerbread house.  With being out of the country this year we accepted a pre cooked one from Sykes Cottages to build and decorate.  Unfortunately ours came a little damaged (hence the silver foil bottom), but I managed to get it stuck together and then provided the boys with a selection of sweets and icing and left them too it.

gingerbread house

I have to say it looked a little difference when they first decorated it (they gave it icicles), but Mini kept eating them!  Also they do not know the expression of less is more, so this is a #moreismore gingerbread house and it was two sweets for their mouths and one for the house!

Each year I say I will make a pretty one all of my own, but in all honesty the boys adore decorating the house and it has become part of their advent traditions and activities. So for now I am happy to let them put all of their artistic endeavor in to the house decorating and I take a back seat.  I do not even stick around when they are decorating it as I know I would try to take over!

If you are looking for a fab, not too gingery gingerbread then I have a fab recipe here.

Disclosure: We were sent a free Gingerbread house  for the purpose of this post 

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