Win an ‘I Love Chocolate Hamper’ from Thorntons!

We’ve teamed up with the friendly people at Thorntons to giveaway a delicious ‘I Love Chocolate Hamper’!

Thorntons sell yummy personalised chocolates, toffees, fudges and also some delicious looking hampers like this one we’re about to giveaway. Everyday there is a reason to make someone smile, whether it’s to say ‘I Love you’ or just to say ‘thinking of you’, why not lift and brighten up someone’s day by buying them a box of chocolates from Thorntons to create those smiles

To enter answer the question below via the rafflecopter mechanism:

Who opened Thorntons’ very first shop 100 years ago?

a) Harry Steven Thornton

b) Joseph William Thornton

c) Andrew Thomas Thornton

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