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Reevoo and Kia

Their website now contains honest and hopefully unbiased reviews from actual customers.

In order to encourage people to submit a review they have teamed up with Reevoo to provide independently verified customer reviews. Reviews are never edited and the bad are shown along with the good. If a review is from a dealer or retailer Reevoo make it clear and reviews are transparent and only from verified purchasers. Reviews are not edited or altered. You can even ask existing owners questions about any of Kia’s cars.

Kia are helping to simplify the car buying process, making it easier for car seekers to find the best Kia vehicle for them. So whether you are in search of a new car or already a proud Kia owner, head to Kia’s website and check out the Kia reviews!

This is one of the reasons that Kia were named Car Manufacturer of the Year 2012 by Which?, the UK’s leading consumer association.

I also really like the fact that Kia offer a free 7 year (100000 mile) warranty too.

Half Term in Orlando 6

Maxi and I are spending the half term holiday in Orlando, Florida thanks to Visit Orlando. This is perfect timing for us to explore it all prior to our family holiday there in November with my brother and his family.

We will be exploring the major attractions including including Walt Disney World, Sea World Parks and Universal Orlando Resort.

I have taken a look at the Orlando Holiday Planning tool, so I know that the weather is going to be great and have packed our swimming things and the sun cream and for the first time I will not be taking prescription sunglasses on holiday and I am looking forward to being able to see things from the top of any rides we go on and not worry about my specs falling off.

Samsung, Monkey Thieves – sponsored video

If your house is anything like mine, your fridge will often be packed to the gills.So much so, that you have to take all sorts out to get to the item you want, leaving the door open for an age which is inefficient and heats the fridge up and more than that it is rather annoying

Even worse, when ever I ask one of the boys or MadDad to get anything they always open the fridge door and stand for an age looking for it , only to respond with “I can not find it”, leaving it to me to find it and my blood boiling.

Not so with this Samsung Fridge, it is so easy to see things and get at them even a monkey can do it!

It features an Easy Slide shelf which effortlessly slides out to enable more efficient organisation and easy storing and removal of groceries, while reducing dead space deep inside.   It also features a wider and deeper Big Guard door shelf, which is perfect for storing big and tall bottles or milk, milk and more milk.  This fridge really does not have any dead space.

In the bottom mounted freezer you can even control the temperature to keeps foods fresher for longer and even better it has  No Frost Technology prevents ice buildup on the inside of the freezer wall, so I would never have to defrost the freezer again.

It is also energy efficient, the digital inverter compressor automatically adjusts in response to cooling demands making it perfect for men that can never find what they are looking for in the fridge!

Al Fresco Holidays Young Story Writers competition

Do you have a budding novelist in your house?

Thompson Al Fresco Holidays have a fantastic Young Story Writers competition at the moment. The competition is for budding young story writers aged 6-12 years old and open until the 31st March 2013. Your child has to write a short story no longer than 500 words with the theme My Fantastic Journey. You never know they could win a family holiday for up to six people.

You might want to get your young story writer some inspiration and Jeremy Strong’ has created his very own story created exclusively for Al Fresco Holidays.

Team Skylanders 2

The good points:

The boys do not fight when playing Skylanders together. Although there is a lot of “battling” in the game, this does not creep out in to real life like it can in some games with the boys.
It is a pretty social game. They can share their figures with friends that also have Skylanders, even if they use a different games platform as the figures are universal.
Maxi loves the Mini games.
Even if you do not have extra figures you can still play a lot of the game.
No more worries about what birthday present to buy as it seems all the children play Skylanders, so a character is a great present.
The not so good points:

It can be hard for an adult to get their head around. I initially thought that we had to but the other 48 figures to be able to play all the game.
It is complicated getting to know which element each figure belongs too (for adults)
It could get expensive if you gave in to pester power