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Spring Clean your Children’s Wardrobe

taking place.

I have a list of items that the boys need for next season or even in the next size in the back of my diary and I keep an eye out in Charity shops or any other shops that are having a sale. I work on making sure that each boy has at least 10 pairs of underpants and 14 pairs of socks (school socks, boot socks, trainer socks and regular socks!).

Now the boys are both at school they need much less clothes that what they did as preschoolers. They have at least five of each of their school uniform (trouser, shirts, jumpers and three pairs shorts for the summer.

The only time that they really need lots of extra clothes are during the holidays. I only wash twice a week and Mini is certainly a muck monster. So he needs more clothes that Maxi.

Now is also the perfect time to keep an eye out for thermals for next year. Both the boys wear thermals during the winter and they wear under layers when playing football in the winter.

Also why not keep an eye on the charity shop for winter coats for later in the year, as many people will be doing a spring clean and sending their children’s outgrown clothes to the charity shop, making it the ideal time for you to stock up.

Ella at Purple Mum has recently done a great post on how many clothes a child needs. I have top admit that I am guilty of over buying for both the boys and this is something that I am going to tackle this year.

Spring Manifesto – 2013 4

So onward and upwards, what do I want to do achieve over this spring:

Sew some seeds for the raised beds. MadDad is the green fingered one, but I do love plotting and planning with him
Get on my bike. I still haven’t felt able and I really want to join the boys on theirs this spring
Take more photographs with all of us in. I need to make a conscious effort to get in the picture. I have even bought a remote control for the camera
Take the boys to park after school now the weather is improving
Sort out the conservatory/playroom. The train table is about to collapse and we need to find some new storage for board games and a coffee table on a very tight budget.
Keep sewing and book some more day courses
What are your plans for this spring?