March 26, 2013 | Mum In The Madhouse

March 26, 2013

Free things to do in London over the Easter break

As you may know London is Mini’s favorite city in the whole wide world (his words, not mine). So we can often be found hopping on the train when we can grab an inexpensive fare and doing some sight seeing. Also one Maxi’s school friends still visits a Dentist in London to have their invisible braces looked at (they used to live there) and they are going back over Easter and we are possibly going to London Zoo for an event too, so will need some other things to do too.

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If only I had know…………..

That time truly flies and people were not exaggerating when they said “they grow up so fast”

That life really does change when you look at that tiny bundle and suddenly realise you are responsible for another human being

That one so small can create so much poo

That irony is not lost on babies

That boys WILL wee on you as soon as you remove their nappy

That no matter what colour you dress your child in, people will always think they are of the opposite sex

That second hand is not second best

That it will take 30 minutes more than you allowed to get out of the house

That babies smelled so good after a bath

That sleep is for the weak

That colic does get better

That cold tea is all I will drink for months and to invest in a thermos cup

That LEGO is a weapon

That poo could be such a funny word to toddlers and boys of all ages

That it is OK to get angry

That I will never again be able to go to the toilet in peace

That I would know The Hungary Caterpillar off by heart

That I would cry on their first day at Preschool

That DVD’s do not wear out though repetitive play even if you wish they would

That nativities are so emotional

That is it perfectly acceptable to get sick of cooking and preparing meals

That it is natural to live in constant fear of something bad happening to your child

That it is not acceptable to fancy one of the presenters of CBebbies

Daytime naps for Mummy as well as baby are totally acceptable

That the odd jar of baby food and bit of salt will not harm your child

That saying no to homework is OK

That the cleaning can wait

That it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help

That weetabix dries like concrete, so wipe it up quickly

That when people are starring at your whilst your child is having a tantrum are actually thinking “oh no, poor woman” rather than “gosh what a crap mother”

That I would be a better parent for having some me time

That being a parent is the hardest, but most rewarding job in the world

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