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Do you go all inclusive?

MadDad and I have been on plenty of all inclusive holidays BC (before children), we enjoyed some fantastic experiences and the thought of icecream on tap really appeals to my children! I was discussing this with a friend today and we said that if we could guarantee the summer weather we have had here in the UK we would never go abroad again, but are scared that this year will be a one off.

Now both my boys are competent swimmers they look for a holiday with a pool more than anything else and they also want sports activities.

I want to be able to sit and actually read more than the first page of my book on repeat and that keeping the children happy makes me happy.

TEFAL ingenio – A need, want, must have moment 5

 Look the handle comes off so fast I couldn’t catch it on camera! Back in July as part of the Tefal Innovators project I was invited to London to take a look at the new Tefal products that were going to be hitting our shelves.  This is where I was introduced to the Tefal Optigrill (which we now use regularly) and also where I had a need, want, must have moment.

Back to School Blog Linky 10

Can you believe that my scottish friends children have already gone back to school? Here in England we have three more weeks, so I thought it might be a good idea to host a blog linky for all things back to school from school uniform reviews to first day photo’s.

I would love you to join in and each week I will do a back to school post along with a round up including my favorite posts from the week before.

I am going to start things off by showing you how I record the boys first day at school:

Crafting our Dream Car #DreamCarCraft 1

Carcraft are challenging people to craft their dream car to be in with the chance to win £50 worth of Amazon vouchers.

It is really simple to enter all you have to do is:

1. Help your child (or children) craft their dream car.
2. Take a photo – there is room for more creativity here!
3. Finally, tweet us your photo at @Carcraft with the hashtag #DreamCarCraft.

But get your skates on as it ends on Friday. To find our more take a look at the craft your dream car terms and conditions.

Today has been one of those days where we have all played hokey cokey with the weather (in, out, in, out, in, out) so we took the opportunity to work on our car drawing when it was raining.

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The evolution of our vegetable patch in the garden 7

As the years have gone on we have learned that we just can not grow carrots. That cabbages are hit and miss for us and although we can grow onions they are actually really inexpensive to buy so are not best use of our tiny bit of land.

This year we have planted new potatoes, cabbage, sprouts, broad beans, peas, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers (in the conservatory), pak choi and salad leaves. We have three raised beds which have the peas in one, potatoes in another and broccoli and sprouts in the other. Each year we rotate what is in each of the beds and as soon as the potatoes come out in a week or so we will be planting some winter kale and other winter greens (spring cabbages).

We have two large barrels which both have broad beans in this year. We want to encourage the boys to eat them and growing them is often the best way for us to introduce a food to them. In fact the peas never get from pod to plate, just pod to mouth! We are growing strawberries in hanging boxes and baskets, but they are very small this year. Perhaps we need top replace them next year. Has anyone else had this issue?

Tomatoes are also grown in planters and we have one tumbler in almost the flowers, which has done remarkably well.

I also have a number of pots with herbs in including Sage, Chives, Mint, Rosemary, which remain outside all year round and we have more tender ones in the kitchen including Basil.

Pong Ipad Case review

by directing wireless energy and radiation away from the user by up to 52%. As a parent this is a BIG factor for me.
It increases wifi speed by up to 2.6% thanks to a special patented wafer thin ariel in the case. This also helps boost battery power b y some sort of hocus pocus too!
The case enables you to use the ipad both in portrait and landscape mode and feels really secure.
It closes down you ipad when you close the cover to save on battery life.
It fits really well. The ipad clips firmly into the case without any flexing and feels really secure and safe, which with two destructive boys is a must.

5 things to do with outgrown clothes

I don’t know about you, but my boys are forever outgrowing clothes and it is important to me to not let them just clutter up the home.  In the past I have been guilty of just popping them in to black sacks and putting them in the loft maybe for the next possible child or until I know what to do with them.   However, I am not guilty of this any more.  I refuse to let my home become cluttered and they can also become damaged if just left. So I have the following strategy: Firstly if I notice something no longer fits I make sure I launder it and more »

The best rides for 7 and 8 year olds at Thorpe Park 1

The Flying Fish was one ride that the boys rode again and again together. Both at the front and the back. In fact sometimes they didn’t even get off!

The boys were also able to go on X, Zodiac, Banana Ride, Rocky Express, Storm in a teacup, The Detonator and Wet, wet, wet. We had an amazing couple of days at Thorpe Park and stayed in the Crash Pad, which is kind of like being in a caravan, compact, but has everything you need.

Top tips for getting the best value:

Book your tickets at least two days in advance at home
Print them off
Second day from £6.00
Consider staying onsite if you live any distance away.
My friend Cass at Frugal Family has a super competition at the moment to win tickets to Thorpe Park, so get yourself over there and enter.

10 Ways to keep children entertained on long car journeys 2

When we are on long journeys I do let my boys take their Nintendo 3DS and we take IPads, but they are often kept until we have exhausted all my other games and ideas.

So how do you keep your children entertained and occupied on car journeys? I would love to know your ideas and what your favorite in car games are. Please do leave me a comment and let me know.

Why Should Parents Teach Their Kids Riding a Bicycle?

Why Should Parents Teach Their Kids Riding a Bicycle?
Parents should always encourage their children for riding bicycles. Riding bicycle induces self-confidence amongst children. It makes them feel that there is nothing in the world that they cannot manage with proper practice. Apart from building self-confidence, this activity also fortifies the relationship between parents and children. Parents try to spend more time with their children in order to teach them how to ride a bicycle. Both parents and children develop a friendly relation with each other.
When a child learns to ride a bicycle then he is exposed to the entire world. He is bound to face the world filled with adventure. It makes him stronger and capable of facing threats. Furthermore the child gets an opportunity to stay fit and active.
Tips to be followed before commencing with bike riding
Before commencing with bike riding, parents must ensure that what does the child thinks about riding a bicycle. When it comes to riding a bicycle, some children get pretty excited while some get afraid. Sporty children learn to ride bicycles overnight whereas the ones who are afraid may take number of days to learn. Latter situation should be dealt in a very sensitive way. If one really wants the child to learn bike riding then one must keep patience. Patience is the only way through which a child can learn to ride the bike thereby developing morale within.
Parents should buy appropriate bicycles for their children. Children learn faster when they have bicycles that match their size, age and needs. Parents can also choose to buy those bicycles which are attractive in color and are equipped with special instruments like helmets, safety guards and torches. The protective pads and helmet shall protect the child from any sort of injuries while the color of the bicycle shall pertain the interest of the child in riding it. Protect Your Bubble is making bike riding easy and safe by providing cheap and easy bike insurance. If you are helping your kid in learning how to ride a bicycle then make sure you give importance to bicycle insurance too. This will help your kid in riding tension free and they will learn fast. You can also encourage them more and more even if they are meeting with accidents again and again. This is simply because the insurance company will look after all the loss and it will not at all burn your pocket.
Encouraging kids for riding bicycles
Parents should always encourage their children to ride bicycles during their playtime. Parents are the only ones who can teach their children to remain active without hurting themselves. They should teach their children to relish their evenings and their journeys to school by riding bicycles with friends. Riding bicycle has numerous advantages. When a child learns to ride a bicycle then he becomes more active as well as self-dependent. It helps a child to conveniently visit his friends and market in case of needs. A child can ably do all his important tasks by riding his bicycle from place to another.
Teaching safety measures to the young ones
While teaching how to ride a bicycle, a parent also explains the importance of traffic rules to the child. This way the child gets aware about the traffic rules which help him till the end of his life. Moreover various safety tips are also imparted by the parents to the children. Parents teach their kids about the importance of being alert while crossing the road. These tips develop the mental level of the child. A child learns to remain more alert by emphasizing over the instructions of the parents.
While teaching bicycle riding to a Child, he is also told about which side he should ride and when he should blow horn and use torch light. A child who learns that Riding on the right-side of the road is safer shall remain safe throughout his life. Blowing horn when someone is before the vehicle, switching on the light when it is dark are few more tips which are equally necessary.
Teaching Bike riding- a nostalgic event
Learning how to ride a bicycle is one of the most important things that a parent should teach to his child. The brain of child imprints the instructions of the parents thereby following them throughout his life. A child who is well-explained the importance of traffic rules shall never disobey them. Such a child becomes a good citizen when he grows adult. He shall not only safeguard himself, but shall safe guard all the people who are near him. Thus it is utmost necessary for the parents to teach their children how to ride bicycles as it can render them with safe future. Learning how to ride a Bicycle includes some precious memories between a child and his parent. It is a nostalgic event which is cherished by the child and his parents throughout their lives.

Perfect Holiday Clothes for Boys 3

As you know we are currently on holiday enjoying all the unusually wonderful English weather and all that Butlins has to offer. So it is perfect timing to do a holiday clothes for boys update.  One of the things I hate is for my boys to look like the rest of the children on the holiday park, si I tend to shop around for their clothes.  I am not a fan of slogans or sludgy colours.  With one children that is just “noise with muck on” things need to be versatile and washable. K and Co Online have a fab range of boy’s clothes. They are great quality and are not worn by everyone, which means my more »