Learning by example

I have blogged before about the fact that Mini’s teeth are showing their first signs of decay and how we are now on

the Dentist’s quarterly visit list. We have been making a concerted effort to improve the boys brushing and both the boys use a sonic toothbrush, just like both MadDad and I do now.

However, one of the things that has made the biggest difference for us is introducing disclosing tablets on a Sunday evening. These are small purple tablets that the boys chew and they dye the plaque on their teeth a purple colour, which gives the boys a visible image for them to concentrate on. You can even get ones that show both new and old areas of plaque. The light areas show new and the dark areas olds. They cost around £2.30 for a pack of 20, which I think are great value and well worth adding to any cleaning routine.

The only big improvement is knowing how long to brush for, this is due to the fact that both their toothbrushes have a build in timer like the colgate proclinical electric toothbrush, means that they know to spend thirty seconds concentrating on each quarter of their mouth.

Benefits of using an electric toothbrush for children

According to clinical studies chil;dren remove 41% more plaque with an electric toothbrush than with a standard brush.
Electric toothbrushes help children use appropriate force when brushing.
They help with the length of brushing, as they often have built in pacing technology.
They help familiarise children with movement and noise in their mouth, so help when visiting the dentist
Longevity, you can replace the head rather than the whole toothbrush
They are fun to use and anything that helps to take the pressure out of teeth brushing is a bonus in my home!
Ultimately for me, the fact that an electric toothbrush will do a better job of cleaning my childrens teeth means that I am all for them. I have lots of other tips and tricks to encourage tooth brushing in children.

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