Daily Archives: November 1, 2013

Why Do Babies Love Mobiles?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed a little when it comes to the sheer selection of baby products that are available on the market, both before and after the birth of your little one. Trying to decipher the difference between essential items and things that would be frivolous spends is a challenge in itself, never mind making the choices when it comes to colours, themes or designs. Creating the nursery space is part of the fun of having a baby and whether you want it ready for their arrival or you’re happy to do it after the birth, making sure that all the right bits and pieces are in their place for more »

Tips for Driving in the USA

We are off to Florida shortly with my brother and his family for our holiday of a lifetime.   We will be hiring a car in the USA for the duration of our holiday, so like when we were in France, I thought it wise to put together a tips for driving in the USA. Make sure you drive on the right. You have to come to a complete stop at a stop sign even if the roads are deserted Make sure you check the driving rules of the state you are visiting  Have your driving license and passport ready, you may also need your booking reference that the travel company gave you. more »