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Something for the weekend – Heart Activities 25

Valentines Day is just around the corner and this weekend we are focussing on some heart activities which are suitable for doing as a family.  First up is our Family Heart Art.  I am a sucker for making art as a family and love things that we can display seasonally that mean things to all of us, just take a look at our family art christmas tree to see what I mean. Family Fingerprint Heart Art  

Does it really vanish stains?

I have said it time and time again.  Boys are just noise with muck on.  Mini especially.  So when Vanish asked us to take the 30 second challenge, I decided I was ready to give anything ago. As you can see for the video, vanish did indeed remove ribena in 30 seconds, but I also decided to leave it to dry in and try again and guess what……………………….. It worked.  Not only that but I tried a scoop in with Mini’s school polo’s and it got 95% of the stubborn marks out (these are ones that have been on a couple of weeks and I have been unable to remove)!  We […]

Recliner chairs: every mum’s dream

You come in from a hard day at work or a hard day of shopping and what is the first thing you want to do? Go and cook dinner? Put the washing on? No! For many mums, the first thing they want to do is to sit on the chair and relax for a couple of minutes and take some time to unwind. The living room is where you can go and forget about your worries, put your feet up and watch a bit of television so you want to be able to sit in comfort; especially if you have been on your feet all day. Apart from the TV, the […]

Grandma’s Chicken Soupy Stew 34

This is my Mum’s recipe and it is a family favorite with both the boys and even better it is frugal too as it uses up the chicken carcass for making the stock.  You could make it suitable for vegetarians by using vegetable stock and substituting the chicken.   If you do not have much chicken then a broth pack is a great way of bulking it out and I have to say I love adding pearl barley to mine. It reminds me of dinner round the table when I was growing up and there was always a fight for the extra dumplings!

New Year, Start Fresh: How to Freshen Up Your Home for 2014

It’s a brand new year, a time for resolutions and new beginnings. Why not start the year by giving your home a fresh new face? You will be amazed at how different your home will feel if you apply just a few freshening touches. Fresh Air You can start by drawing back the curtains, opening your windows wide and letting in some brand new year fresh air. Giving your home a good clean will also do wonders to create a fresh new feel. The Furniture Why not welcome in 2014 by rearranging your space? Just because your lounge has always been situated against the back wall of your lounge room is […]

Something for the weekends 33

Weekends are often busy, filled with things to do and places to go for most families, but I also want them to be a time where you can create as a family and make the most of each other.  With this in mind I have decided to run a weekly post on a friday featuring fun, fabulous and simple ideas for a creative family weekend. These will be seasonal ideas of simple things that you can fit into your frenetic family life along with homework, movies, birthday parties, shopping and everything else a busy parent does. I will give you a list of materials needed (most of which you will be […]

8 Tips for caring for school shoes 35

Shoes shoes are a real investment.  Mini has just had to have new ones as his feet had grown and they cost £42, thankfully we had a £40 voucher from Clarks to put towards them.  For Mini we really have to look to a shop like Clarks as he has wide feet and a high instep.  His current shoes are a 2.5 H width fitting.  When you pay that short of money for shoes it is essential that you look after them and I have to say I learned a lot about caring for leather shoes from my Dad and Granddad.

Toddler Bedrooms: Ultimate Essentials

Making the progression from nursery to fun-filled toddler bedroom can be a difficult process; ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible can be a real chore, especially when it’s blanketed with efforts to keep your child in their toddler bed throughout the night! While many may choose to continue with the décor and layout that they already have, others use the toddler years as an excuse to update the bedroom so that it’s a little more grownup. It could mean a change of furniture, a lick of paint or addition of toys that may usually live elsewhere. Combine that with some new bedding, a few new onesies and some accessories […]

Help me win some Winter Sun

The last time I visited the Canary Islands was in January 2001.  2000 had been a really bleak winter and my Father had died in an industrial accident and I really needed some winter sun, so Madad and I took a wonderful relaxing trip to the Canary Islands. The Canary’s really were the perfect place to capture some winter sun, make peace with the previous years happenings and reconnect with each other after a very stressful period. Each January  Las Canteras Beach in the Canary Islands come alive with sand sculptures that reach 4 meters in height which are amazing and the 22 degree weather really makes looking at them just wonderful.

Fingerprint Thank you cards – Robins 40

We are working on reducing the boys reliance on technology and we decided to make fingerprint thank you cards for part of our #ScreenFree time. I think that it is really important for the boys to say thank you for the gifts they receive and as a family we love to give and receive hand made cards.  I try to make sure that what we do is something that the boys can do all by themselves and they loved this activity.

40 Things I have learned 39

I am a the cat’s pyjamas You can not have a champagne lifestyle on a larger income Less is more You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream – C.S Lewis Sew a little love into every stitch That life is not a one way journey, you can make turns and even go backwards if you chose. Being wonky is good The sum is greater than the parts Fairy lights are for all year round, not just christmas Family is EVERYTHING Most things can be healed by spending time with children That I am not the only person in the world to have a stationery and washi […]