Daily Archives: January 21, 2014

Recliner chairs: every mum’s dream

You come in from a hard day at work or a hard day of shopping and what is the first thing you want to do? Go and cook dinner? Put the washing on? No! For many mums, the first thing they want to do is to sit on the chair and relax for a couple of minutes and take some time to unwind. The living room is where you can go and forget about your worries, put your feet up and watch a bit of television so you want to be able to sit in comfort; especially if you have been on your feet all day. Apart from the TV, the more »

Grandma’s Chicken Soupy Stew 34

This is my Mum’s recipe and it is a family favorite with both the boys and even better it is frugal too as it uses up the chicken carcass for making the stock.  You could make it suitable for vegetarians by using vegetable stock and substituting the chicken.   If you do not have much chicken then a broth pack is a great way of bulking it out and I have to say I love adding pearl barley to mine. It reminds me of dinner round the table when I was growing up and there was always a fight for the extra dumplings!