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Are we failing in our mission to support elderly relatives?

Recent media attention has put a spotlight on how isolated many UK elderly people actually are. The blame has largely been placed upon the busy pace of modern life.  As we struggle to make ends meet, and juggle work and family life, it can be easy to forget about the elderly people in our lives. However, the question is; are we really failing to provide support for this forgotten generation? Not just face to face support that’s lacking When you think about loneliness, you often associate it mainly with a lack of face to face contact. However, even just contact over the telephone can play a big part in keeping elderly more »

Squeezing it in to a weekend 2

Like many families we are squeezed.  With work, family commitments, school, diy, sports, beavers, cubs, hobbies and cooking, cleaning and all that comes with a home and much more and since the new rules about holidays during school time we are even more squeezed.  We have just Squeezed an awful lot on to a weekend at Center Parcs (come back over the coming week to find out just how much), but Actimel also know a lot about squeezing a lot of good things in to small things.  Their 100gram bottles are packed full of yogurt, live cultures, fruit puree, calcium and essentials vitamins B6 and D.

{How to} make a two colour daffodil pinwheel 18

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I have been seeing pictures of daffodils flowering, but where we are in the NE of the UK are a couple of weeks behind, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and make some two colour daffodil pinwheels.  These would also be the perfect St Davis’s Day craft (which is on the 1st March).

These daffodil pinwheel flowers are simple to make and look so beautiful. Celebrate spring with this fab DIY flower craft