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How to make the perfect Victoria Sponge. Follow our secret tip to make the most delicious classic Victoria Sponge Sandwich. This tea time mainstay is a brilliant bake for cooking with kids.

The perfect Victoria Sponge – Cooking with kids 12

There is a special place in heaven for kids that can bake amazing cakes.  Not only that there is something wonderful about having a child that can pull off making the perfect victoria sponge cake.  The queen of all cakes, a sponge cake can seem really simple, but can be tricky to get just right. The Vitoria Sponge is the perfect tea time winner and classic cake that has been around since Queen Victoria’s times.  Delicious, simple and moreish and we like ours with strawberry jam and fresh cream, although a purist might tell you it should be jam only.

How to save as a non-saver 13

So last week I admitted that I am a terrible saver.  No that isn’t quite right, now I want to save, I just do not have the spare cash.  So I need to save smarter.  So I have been figuring our ways to save for non-savers.  In fact you would be surprised to know that in just one week I have already saved over £200.  Yes £200, so read on to find our more.

Backpack around the world with Fin & Lou. This fab interactive story book is a brilliant way for kids between three and five to learn about geography.

Backpacking from your bedroom with Fin and Lou 6

Today we are going backpacking with Fin & Lou – Little World: an educational, storybook app aimed at children aged 3 to 5 that takes children on a fantastic journey across the world.  My boys are obviously a little old for this amazing app so today’s review of Fin & Lou – Little World: an educational, storybook app is brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  Sara-Jayne is a fellow mum to boys, she has three under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  

Moments of #MyDisneyLife 11

When Disney got in touch and asked me to share with you moments of #MyDisneyLife I thought this is going to be so easy.  Everyone has a stand out Disney moment, right? Erm, wrong.  I have been mulling over this for days.  Days I tell you.  In the end, I had a revelation when talking to my husband.  This was proving so hard as I don’t have one Disney moment, no I have a lifetime of them.

Great gifts for Mums and Babies 12

2016 is going to be a super year for Babies in The Mad House.  One of my nieces had a baby girl just before Christmas and my other niece gave birth to a much-awaited baby girl last week.  It makes my heart sing to have our family expanding and for my Brother to be a Grandpa again! And with new babies come gifts and there is nothing I like more than finding the perfect gift.

Learning to be a Smarter Saver 21

Savings, it isn’t an exciting word, especially when you are younger, but oh how I wished I had been a saver when I had more money to save!  I have two boys and they are polar opposites when it comes to money.  Maxi who has just turned eleven is a saver.  He saves all his money, whereas Mini who is nine spends every single penny as soon as he gets it.  It burns a hole in his pocket!  One of the things I find the hardest as a mum is balancing everything.  Trying to find the money to pay for everything we need and to save too.

5 Tips for choosing a family friendly hotel – Laterooms Best Family Friendly Hotel of the Year 2016 7

When was the last time you had a great experience in a hotel as a family? How do you go about choosing a family friendly hotel?  I know how important it is to feel comfortable when you are staying in a hotel when you have children.   I am delighted to be working with Laterooms and to be able to share with your this year’s Best Family Friendly Hotel of the year.