Monthly Archives: April 2016

How to clean your Washing Machine 11

We have just got a new washing machine and I am determined to make it last by ensuring that it is cleaned regularly (although our new machine is self cleaning)!  My last washing machine was cleaned on a monthly basis and lasted nine years, so I am determined that this fantastic new Hotpoint RSG964JW SMART+ Washing Machine (The rsg 964 jx has now been discontinued, but you can now get the rsg 964 jx which has the same specs and an updated finish) lasts at least that long (well it does come with a ten year parts guarantee)!  

Mythbusting – Head lice and NITS 17

One of the most challenging parts of school and parenting for me has always been head lice and nits.  I remember the “fear” I had before my boys had even started school.  But critters (as they have come known in our home) are really part and parcel of bringing up children.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a LOAD of myths and inaccuracies out there about them.  So in conjunction with KIT & COCO I am bringing you this myth-busting post, so you have the true lowdown on head lice and nits.

2016 The year of House Updates 13

Last month I shared with you that we needed to update our playspaces in our home as our boys are getting older and we have started to implement some changes.  We have been in our current home nine years and we had nearly all of our furniture from way before then.  In fact, we were still using towels, cuttlery and placemats that we were bought as wedding presents over 21 years ago.

The Big School Big Decision 11

Last September like lots of parents we made the rounds of the local senior schools with Maxi.  We were and still are in the position of living in a town/village with no Senior school, although it has a three form entry primary school.  Yes, you read that right, there are seventy odd kids in Maxi’s year at the local primary school, but the council knocked down the Senior School and combined it with another in the next village over.

Screen time – Setting House Rules 14

This Spring  challenged by The Institute of Inertia in partnership with as part of my work with them, to reduce our screen time as a family.  I am not going to beat around the bush, during this wet UK winter we have all become too reliant on screens and something needed to be done.

Win £250 Tile Mountain Voucher 272

I am sure I am not the only one who is in the middle of Spring cleaning and organising.  As soon as the sun starts shining through my windows everything starts to look as though it needs a good clean.  Also, as our home is aging I can also see the areas that need an update and makeover and I am delighted to be working with Tile Mountain to offer you the chance to win a £250 Tile Mountain Voucher.

My Spring Resolutions – Reducing Screen Time 14

I have been challenged by The Institute of Inertia in partnership with as part of my work with them, to share my Spring resolutions.  Did you know that Spring is the ideal time to set goals and resolutions?  Spring is the point of new beginnings, the clocks going forward bringing lighter nights, life is awakening and the days are getting warmer.  In Spring, our good intentions to get things done and make positive change are given a welcome boost by, quite literally, a brighter outlook.  Not one to shy away from a challenge I got together with the rest of the Mad Family and we decided to set a resolution of reducing our screen time.