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Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review 8

Vacuum cleaners.  I have something of a love-hate relationship with them.  If you read back over the blog, we have reviewed a lot of vacuums and most of them are great, but none of them are perfect for us.  Why you ask?  Well, we have hard floors mostly downstairs with a couple of rugs and then cream carpets upstairs and lino in the bathrooms, oh and we have Alvin too.  So what did we think of the Shark Rocket Light True Pet?

Shark Rocket Light True Pet Review

5 ways to make movie night memorable 13

This summer is all about making memories with my family and I am working with fab® ice lollies and it’s to help you have a fun family summer.  Sometimes all you need to do to make something more memorable and fun is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, and that it what this is all about.  We love movies; there is something wonderful about sitting together as a family and enjoying a film, so here are five ways to make movie night memorable.  

The Summer of Sport – Encouraging you to get involved 6

I am delighted to be working with the nation’s leading breakfast cereal Weetabix to help publicise their Summer of Sport campaign #SportingStarts.  If you know me and the rest of my family then you will know that we LOVE sports.  Way back when, I really loved playing Hockey and MadDad played a lot of sports and both of the MiniMads are sports mad and very competitive.  In fact, as I sit here writing this I have just returned from an evening watching the boys play cricket.

Capturing those special moments with a Sony Xperia X 10

What is the one thing that you always have with you?  For me, it is my phone.  I would be lost without it.  I use it a lot for emails, our family diary, banking, work, phone calls and taking pictures.  I use my phone for taking pictures more than anything else I use it for and I want to capture all those special moments with it. So when it comes to my phone the camera is key

The Therapeutic Ranch Life 1

It’s tough being a teenager these days. Not that it was ever easy. But the world is moving faster than ever, and influences flow in from all sides twenty-four hours a day, bombarding kids with more pressure than some of them can handle. Everything coming in from outside can lead to or exacerbate personal challenges a teen is experiencing, like ADD/ADHD, a learning disability, behavior or emotional disorders, addictions, or just raging hormones.

The Therapeutic Ranch Life

The World’s 8 Best Waterparks for Summer 2016

The World’s 8 Best Waterparks for Summer 11

With tentative glimpses of sunshine on the horizon, our thoughts turn to summer holidays. Aside from generous helpings of ice cream and hours a day spent on the beach, there’s really only one thing that makes a holiday truly special for little ones – waterparks. Inspired by an article recently posted on the travel comparison site dealchecker, here are the top 8 waterparks for Summer!

How to not gain weight on vacation

How to not gain weight on vacation

It may seem impossible to avoid gaining weight on vacation, much less, to maintain or even lose weight when visiting an exotic locale, but with enough will and advance planning, you can reach your dieting goals even if you’re away from home. It is often easier to adhere to a healthy eating and exercise regimen when you have your own fridge stocked with vegetables and healthy foods and if you are close to your gym. However, you can find healthy foods and opportunities to exercise wherever you go, if you are prepared to think outside the box and do some investigation.

Make your own Stickman 20

Do you kids love Stick Man?  When my boys were younger they obsessed over Julia Donaldson books and I loved them too. In fact, Julia Donladsopn books are many peoples favourite books. We have an abiding love for Stickman and his Stick Family too.  We are big fans of books and activities that encourage exploration and love the collaboration between Stick Man and the Forestry Commission with the Stick Man Trail.

Make your own Stickman

The morning after pill: 3 facts you should know

The morning after pill: 3 facts you should know

Your sexual health is paramount, and as a woman, it’s important that you’re clued up when it comes to emergency contraception. Also known as the morning after pill, this treatment is designed to prevent pregnancy if you have unprotected sex. So whether you think you’ve got it already sussed or not, here are three facts you should know about this type of emergency contraception.

Get creative with your kids – #LittleSpenders Competition 5

I am a big fan of anything that gets the creative juices flowing for kids and that is why I am working with Foresters Friendly Society this summer with a competition encouraging parents to get creative with their children to produce a drawing or painting showing how they would spend £5000 in their #LittleSpenders Competition.

Get creative with your kids