Monthly Archives: February 2019

Magnetic Pin Bowl Tutorial 1

As a sewer I know just how handy a Magnetic Pin Bowl is and I have a brilliant tutorial to make a more personalised magnetic pin bowl. I mean who wouldn’t want a bright pink flamingo pin bowl that was magnetic and kept all my pins safe! I have been lusting after a magnetic pin bowl for my sewing for ages, but at around £15 for a pretty pink or blue polka dot one, they were out of my price range, especially when you can pick up a deep red car parts dish for less than £4!

Simple, Easy and Inexpensive Self Care Ideas 1

Me time, self care, self love or whatever you call it is so important. I am regularly reminded by my dear husband that you can not pour from an empty cup and that rituals that support our emotional, mental, and social health are key. These do not have to be expensive or convoluted, in fact, some of the most effective for me are simple, easy and inexpensive.