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Choosing the best dog for your family 5

Choosing the best dog to join our family was one of the hardest decisions we ever made.   I am not going to lie, it filled me with dread.  I was worried that we would make the wrong decision and I would be left to pick up the pieces and that it would really change the family dynamic.  Having a pet is a big responsibility and It really scared me, but I also knew that as a family we would all benefit from having a dog.

The best DIY Christmas Keepsake Decorations 1

I am a massive fan of Christmas keepsake decorations We have loads we have made over the years graduating from salt dough, to homemade clay and then to air dry clay and even microwave clay. I love having something which we bring out each year to remind us of christmases past, plus they make the best gifts for grandparents and godparents.

9 Reasons Why Gymnastics Are Great For Kids 2

Gymnastics is a comprehensive activity that is not only physical but also mentally and socially beneficial. The best time to get into gymnastics is as a child, as it challenges children and provides a healthy outlet to expend their energy while learning a few important skills. The rewards are numerous, and kids have a lot to gain from gymnastics. Here are nine great reasons why you should enrol your kids in a gymnastics class as soon as possible.

The benefits for Children of Owning Fish 1

The benefits for Children of Owning Fish is a paid collaborative post for on behalf of Mars Fishcare and the API brand. Growing up my Grandad had an aquarium and my Granddad never did anything by halves so I remember it was huge. In fact, it was a number of tanks that filled the entire wall of the dining room. Even as a little girl they would memorise me and I found it really soothing to watch the fish.