25+ Beautiful Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Ideas

There is something magical about brown paper packages and I am a big fan of personalising wrapping from my Christmas gifts and love that brown paper makes fabulous gift wrap. Did you know that not all wrapping paper is recyclable? I didn’t until recently but that is what inspired me to pull together this fabulous festive brown paper Christmas wrapping ideas post and help you with gift wrap ideas.

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Ideas

I adore how versatile Bown paper or brown kraft paper is for wrapping gifts.  I have found so many fabulous, fun and festive ideas for using it and more than that it is recyclable and inexpensive too. There are so many Christmas wrapping ideas here for using brown paper and I am sure that there will be something to inspire you for this years Christmas gift wrapping this holiday season.

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25 plus 15 Brown Paper Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Ideas

This tree topped wrapping is almost too beautiful to open. I adore how they have combined the beautiful bark and also yarn scraps.  This would be a fun family craft activity. The trees would also make great tree ornaments.

There are so many patterns you could choose to print on brown paper. You could use paint or even an ink pad like used here. A Stamp Pad is often easier when you have children. I love how the Christmas tree topper and wrapping paper are all recyclable and I am a big fan of baker’s twine.

Or how about these parcels topped with paper straw stars.  I have some gold and silver paper straws which would look fabulous too.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Brown Paper

Why not double up your wrapping and add individual festive touches with photo booth prop templates as we have here. I love the Rudolf gift wrap.

I adore the simplicity of this typographic paper. It would make for a fun rumage under the tree until you got the correct name.

We had to much fun making this potato stamped penguin paper.

Buttons and string – just perfect.  I have lots of red and green buttons which will match our decor.

My children had a lot of fun using Ribbon to decorate this parcel. You could also use washi tape like this. I love the brown wooden snowflakes and keep an eye out all year for unusual things we can use with simple brown paper.

How wonderful would it be to have a meaningful winter scene on a parcel you received? These make me think of hot chocolate after a long cold walk. Gift toppers that you could reuse.

Accents of sheet music add a real edge to these beautiful brown paper parcels. I love how they have also added mini wreaths.

The addition of a wreath makes this gift wrapping amazing. If your greenery doesn’t already have berries you can add some with a hot-glue gun. Plus I like the addition of burlap.

Why not make the packaging a real gift in itself.  Any Grandparent would cherish this Rudolph gift wrap. with its big bow.

Potato stamps are so versatile and if you stick to monochrome so chic too.

I just love the potential of confetti and brown paper – perfect for so many occasions.

This light gift wrap would be so much fun for children and then you could use them as decorations on a tree.

How creative and inexpensive is this yarn embellished brown paper? You could even use the colours to make yarn holly.

Another fun DIY wrapping to make with the kids would be this jolly reindeer print with mini pompom nose.

How fun, wrapping paper you can play with before you open it!

I love how adaptable this stencilled wrapping paper is. I can see this would look fab as Snowmen too as the white is so prominent on the brown craft paper.

This wrapping is so colourful and it just makes me smile.

This Sleigh wrapping would make a fabulous cover for a special gift.

Well you had me at pompoms and yarn!

I think these parcels just go to show how bright and beautiful gift tags can make all the difference.

Turn your brown paper parcel into Father Christmas by adding a simple belt.

How about embroidering your brown paper?

I love the idea of adding biscuits that you can eat to my wrapping this year.

Brown paper needn’t be boring. Adding gold and a bright colour makes it really pop.

Adding mini mittens makes for super cute wrapping.  You could even write the recipients name on the mittens.

What a great idea to use old scrabble tiles.

I hope I have given you lots of inspiration with these brown paper wrapping ideas and guess what – not a hint of glitter anywhere!

Over 25 Brown Paper Wrapping Ideas for Christmas