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3 Tips On What To Wear This Autumn

The cold weather is officially upon us and, after an incredible summer, we can’t really complain. However, one thing that will be complaining is our summer clothing which will have to be forced to the back of the cupboard until next year.  So as we’re preparing ourselves to brave the rain, wind and cold this autumn, you might be wondering about what key items you should be wearing this autumn and how you should be wearing them.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that autumnal weather is significantly colder than the previous summer months, but there is still plenty of time before winter kicks in and we reach for our thermals! Autumn weather often throws in a few surprises with temperatures reaching as high as 24C but with an average of around 10C – who knows we may even have an Indian summer! The key to successful dressing during the temperamental autumn months is layering.

Bring a waterproof

Frequent showers are common occurrences in autumn so whether you’re on a day out with the kids and family or just running errands in town, taking a waterproof with you will prepare you for all eventualities.

For heavier rainfalls, a good quality ladies waterproof jacket is a great idea if you’re planning on getting in the great outdoors this autumn. Waterproof coats come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important that you look out for a few key features.

These colourful waterproof jackets from Cotton Traders are great for all the family. A drawcord hem will ensure a watertight fit and a concealed hood means you’ll be able to keep warm and dry this autumn.



Sounds like an obvious choice but a few versatile jumpers will make a great addition to your autumn wardrobe. The key is not to wear anything too thick; after all, autumn can be temperamental so although it might look grey and miserable outside it doesn’t mean that temperatures have reached arctic conditions.

Top tip: ease yourself into autumn with thinner jumpers and scarf combinations and a light jacket.


Trousers (not shorts I’m afraid!)

The shorts have been safely placed at the back of the wardrobe and it’s time to start exploring colder weather alternatives.

For many of us, a jeans/jumper combination is often the first port of call. So whilst it might be the easiest, there are other great alternatives that are definitely worth exploring this autumn, not only from a fashion point of view but also a practical one.

Colourful trousers such as these purple cords from Cotton Traders will look stylish as well as comfortable during the autumn months. Coming with a flattering boot-cut leg and side elasticated waist you can team this with a warm jumper and boots for the ultimate casual weekday look.

Whilst colourful trousers might not be to everyone’s taste, they’re fantastic for brightening up a miserable day.

Layering items and choosing a few key pieces will ensure that your wardrobe is fully prepared for this autumn.