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4 Easy Tips To Achieve a peaceful bedroom

4 Easy Tips To Achieve a peaceful bedroom is a paid collaboration with Yorkshire Linen. Isolation is really hard on all of us. Some days are harder than others and the current state of affairs has made for a lot of confusion. Something that can really help is looking after ourselves.

This time is ideal for paying more attention to our health and also our surroundings. Our bedrooms have become our sanctuary and with everything shut down – home is the only place to be. Your bedroom can be your haven and as we know sleep is key in helping reduce anxiety and it lightens your mood. Getting into and staying in a good sleep cycle is a great way to look after yourself and is an act of self-care. So here are our top 4 bedroom care tips in the lockdown period:

1) Tidy up the bedroom

A tidy room often means a tidy mind and if your space is tidy and clean it will really improve your space. Start by decluttering your bedroom as much as you can. Keeping on show only things you need or are beautiful. Not only will this create a more serene spec, but it will make it easier to keep clean. Start the day by opening your curtains and airing the room, then make your bed and lave it all ready to return to on an evening.

Woman Standing By Bedroom Window And Opening Curtains

2) Change up bedding

Online delivery is available a lifesaver at this time and you can choose your bed linens to refresh your room. There is nothing better than new, clean sheets to get in to. No matter what kind of bedroom you want: minimalistic or contemporary – a quick change up in bedding can massively transform the overall look. Catherine Lansfield bedding is preferred by most of us – because of their pretty designs and also comfort factor. In case you are wondering where to get it from -you can now buy Catherine lansfield bedding – from Yorkshire linen They have a wide variety of bedding suitable for all kinds of rooms.

3) Machine wash your pillows

Often we forget our pillows. Nowadays you can machine was many pillows. A freshly washed pillow helps you sleep better and also removes any dead skin cells that might accumulate on to the surface which if left unattended can cause breathing difficulties. Fresh pillows will help you sleep better!

4) Keep your bedding refreshed

I am a big fan of fresh bedding and try and make sure I wash our linen once a week. In between washing, we spray on a lavender and camomile mix which is known for helping you sleep comfortably at night. This will also help you in keeping the bedding smell fresh.

If you are having issues getting to sleep then I have some tips that might help you or if it is the kids that can not get to sleep them try our Getting kids to sleep – the holy grail of parenting.