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We love pancakes in the Mad House, they rock our world and as far as we are concerned they are not just for pancake day.  But with it coming on February 17th we wanted to share with you some amazing pancake toppings.

40 amazing pancake toppings

40 Amazing pancake toppings

  1. Lemon and sugar
  2. Nutella, peanut butter and banana
  3. Rhubarb compote with vanilla crème fraîche
  4. Fresh fruit
  5. Honey and nuts
  6. Lemon curd and mascarpone with icing sugar
  7. Cinnamon Dolce Syrup
  8. Banana foster topping
  9. Sweet cooked apple topping
  10. Strawberry sauce
  11. Vanilla pudding sauce
  12. Blueberry syrup
  13. Maple syrup
  14. Golden syrup
  15. Peanut butter syrup
  16. Maple butter
  17. Pear butter
  18. Spiced sugar
  19. Candy cane syrup
  20. Cinnamon apple syrup
  21. Caramel pancake topping
  22. Orange syrup
  23. Coconut syrup
  24. Whipped vanilla butter
  25. Pineapple topping
  26. Hot fudge sauce
  27. Peach pancake topping
  28. Southern praline topping
  29. Roasted pecan pumpkin butter
  30. Marshmallow syrup
  31. Elderberry syrup
  32. Reeces syrup
  33. Nutella cream cheese sauce
  34. Maple caramel sauce
  35. Warm berry & orange sauce
  36. Cherry compote
  37. Greek yogurt and honey
  38. Chocolate sauce
  39. Salted caramel sauce
  40. Cranberry orange butter

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40 pancake toppings

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