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5 fantastic Kid made gifts

Is there anything better than receiving a homemade card……. yes, a homemade gift and I love receiving gift a child has made.  Over the years the boys have made lots of gifts, in fact it is something that we have become know for.  We make the Grandparents and family gifts and also their teachers get a kid made gift at Christmas too.

5 kid made gifts that you would like to receive!

kid painted plant pots

These kid painted play pots are so simple to make and really effective and inexpensive gifts to make. We love giving plants rather than flowers as they last much longer.

personalised note books

These personalised notebooks were a big hit. They are simple to make and personalise.  The boys did all the stamping and picked the stickers themselves.  Why not take a look at the variations they also made.

personalised dishwasher safe mugs

These personalised dishwasher safe mugs, yes they are dishwasher safe (MadDad has been using his for six months) are so simple to make.  The boys made these with very little intervention from me.

kids art book marks

These are great to make even with the youngest kids. We recycled the boys art in to bookmarks and they are lovely things to have and gift to grandparents.

dishwasher safe kids fingerprint mugs

Another gift that you can make with the youngest of children.  My boys love fingerprint art and these fingerprint mugs are dishwasher safe and fun to make and receive. You dont have to just use mugs, any porcelaine will be fine.

I am bringing you 4 weeks of Counting Down to Christmas  – this week’s focus is all about handmade gifts for you and your kids to make and we’re bringing you some fabulous ideas from European bloggers to help you get ready for the festive season with crafts you can do at home.

We also invite you to join us and welcome you to come and link up crafts, recipes, activities for kids and adults for the Christmas Season helping to provide ideas for a Creative Christmas this year.


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