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Some of my fondest memories of summers’ past are the picnics that I had with my family. Growing up, my Mum and Aunty would pack a picnic and we would visit our local woods, and me and my cousins would have a blast. This summer I am delighted to be joining with the iconic fab® ice lollies again for their new Sprinkles of Summer Fun campaign!

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What my Mum’s picnics taught me is that there are loads of ways to have a picnic and it doesn’t have to take lots of time to plan. In fact, sometimes the spontaneous picnics are the best. Especially with the British weather.

5 Picnic ideas for families

Top tips for having a great family picnic

Spontaneous is good.  We had a break in the wet weather, so we decided to pack a picnic and make the most of it.  Yes the grass was too wet to sit on, but we had a picnic blanket in the boot of the car, so popped it on a paved area instead.

Be prepared. Make sure you know where your flask and your picnic blanket are, so you can grab and go!

Do not let wet weather spoil your fun. There is nothing wrong with a teddy bears’ picnic in the lounge or a picnic in the boot of the car!

5 Picnic ideas for families

You do not have to go far.  We are blessed to have some great parks with picnic areas nearby and have learned that you do not have to travel far to have fun.  Last summer we tried a new park each week over the summer and took a picnic with us.

We are so lucky to have some fantastic places in the UK to picnic at, including National Trust Properties (they have ace gardens) and English Heritage (where you can visit an abbey or castle ruin) and lots of local forests are great places for a picnic; ours even has an area for BBQ’s!

5 Picnic ideas for families

We live by the North Yorkshire Moors and there are some amazing spots for a picnic and there is something about splashing about in a beck or river that makes kids even hungrier!

5 Picnic ideas for families

I love that having a picnic means that we get quality time together. I like taking a book, kite, ball or colouring and using the time to relax and be together.

5 Picnic ideas for families


9 thoughts on “5 Picnic ideas for families

  • angela hamilton

    These are lovely ideas. I remember when we were younger my mum would make a picnic and we would jump on the train and go to the seaside or even to the local park.
    One day me and my husband had planned to take the kids to the big park near us for a picnic and to play but being Scotland it rained. So we had the picnic in the living room instead. Blanket on the floor and we played a card game as we ate. That was fun too

  • Sonia

    Oh I love Fab’s! I have some in the freezer so might have to have one now! We love picnics, I always make one when we got out no matter what the weather x

  • Cass@frugalfamily

    We’ve had some great picnics and over the years they’ve got simpler and simpler – the last one just involved Greggs Sausage rolls and four bottles of water 😉

  • Kate Williams

    I love picnics, my best tip is to get a picnic blanket that has a plastic / waterproof bottom then you can sit on the grass or sand even if it’s wet!

  • Daisy Burton

    We love picnics too! Especially with our 8 month old. It certainly beats sitting in a cafe because baby can make as much mess as he wants and can have his toys out to play too!

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