5 Reasons to Stay in Pollensa for Your Majorca Family Holiday

Pollensa is a town located in the north of Majorca island, Spain. It’s about a 50-minute ride from the airport in Palma, and a 15 minutes ride from Port de Pollensa. It is not far from the famous Cap de Formentor and the city of Alcudia. 

Pollensa is known for its rich history. The city had been conquered by several nations through the centuries from Talaiots, the Romans, Vandals, Arabs, and Templars. All had marked their influences on the city of Pollensa. 

With its quiet mood and artistic architecture, Pollensa is the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring the beauty of Majorca. Especially if you’re bringing your kids and parents. 

Pollensa Majorca

Below are the 5 reasons to stay in Pollensa for your Majorca family holiday and you can find out why I think Majorca is brilliant for a family-friendly holiday here.

#1 Calm and Friendly Medieval Town

The city of Pollensa is filled with narrow streets and alleys, also ochre-colored walls and roads. The sky is stark blue with a warm Mediterranean air. Most of the buildings in Majorca were built between the 17th and 18th centuries, but the history of Pollensa started way back in medieval times.

The Long History of Pollensa

It was The Romans who landed first on the Majorca island in 123 B.C. They called the place Pollentia, this is before the Arabs took over the city in the 12th century and changed it into Pollensa. The churches were built by the Templars after the reign of King Jaume I of Barcelona from 1229 to 1231. A conflict with France happened during the 14th century and the Templars fled the place.

5 Reasons to Stay in Pollensa for Your Majorca Family Holiday

Pirates continued to attack Pollensa during the 16th century. Then the Jesuits arrived in Pollensa in 1697 and constructed the famous church near the Calvari steps, Monti Sion. Pollensa was just an agricultural town until many Spanish artists were attracted by its landscapes. The tourists started to crowd Pollensa in the 1960s, but Pollensa’s authentic architecture and relaxed lifestyle remain untouched until today.

The Amazing Pollensa Today

There are many stories ready to be told in every Pollensa’s edges and nooks. The people love to spend their time in the cafe, especially on Sunday morning after church at Placa Major where you can find many market stalls. A large international community resides in Pollensa and there’s a huge tolerance for foreigners, so you will have plenty of new friends to make even though you can’t speak Spanish. Nothing is boring about this old town. 

#2 Great Selection of Family Holiday Villas

The luxurious villas often can be found in the rural part of the town, offering stunning views, swimming pools and most importantly, privacy for the family. You can expect great services, air-conditioned bedrooms, comfy living rooms and fully-equipped kitchens at the villas. Since it’s a little distance away from the touristic center, you can be sure to have a restful stay.. A lot of them provide baby cots and baby high chairs, so it’s a perfect family vacation! If you are looking for some holiday villas in Majorca, check out some beautiful villas here.

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#3 Delicious Mediterranean Food & World-Class Wines

Famous local breakfast food is Ensaimada, a spiral pastry made of yeast, flour, icing sugar, and a type of pig’s lard called saïm. There’s also Sobrassada, a sausage made from Majorca pork loin.

The one thing you must try while in Pollensa is their seafood because the town is located not too far from the marina. Prepare your stomach for Majorca’s traditional dish, a paella topped with shellfish, sea beam, asparagus, and mixed vegetables called tumblet

Pollensa is known for its exceptional world-class wineries, so make sure to sip more than just one or two glasses. Several Pollensa villas are located not far from the vine, so you can also pick your own grapes! Another fabulous recommendation for an after-dinner beverage is a glass of hierbas mallorquinas, an alcoholic liqueur mixed with a thick herbal concoction containing mint, fennel, lemon, aniseed, and rosemary. 

Pollensa Majorca

#4 Hiking Heaven for Nature Lovers

Another great thing to do in Pollensa is to hike. There are easy trails for beginners to try, like Puig de Maria, 330-meter above sea level. l’Assarel offers a slightly longer track but still quite manageable. You can also bring your mountain bike and climb to the peak. A beautiful view of Pollensa city from the top awaits you.

If you are open to challenges, there’s Boquer Valley for you to conquer. Boquer Valley provides not only a scenic route of lush green forest and the top view of the sea of Cala Boquer but also a chance to meet endemic birds along the way.

If you are a nature lover, there are more hiking trails in Pollensa that you can explore. The city is full of picturesque hills and seas that can’t be missed. That is one of the 5 reasons to stay in Pollensa for your Majorca family holiday.

#5 Not too Far from Port de Pollensa

Port de Pollensa Majorca

Port de Pollensa is just 15 minutes away. A former military base in the past, Port de Pollensa has transformed into a magnet for artists and tourists. It was said that there is a hotel in Port de Pollensa that inspired the famous author, Agatha Christie, to write “Problems at Pollensa Bay”.

The number one thing you should try is to join the boat tour that is sailing from Port de Pollensa. Take your kids on the pirate ship or catamaran boat adventure. You can also do some biking and pine walking. Kitesurfing and all kinds of watersports are also available.

Of course, don’t forget to end the day by having a seafood dinner with your family at the Port de Pollensa. Who knows, you might get to see a flamenco performance at the restaurant to sweeten your trip.

5 Reasons to Stay in Pollensa for Your Majorca Family Holiday


So those are the 5 reasons to stay in Pollensa for your Majorca family holiday. Great food, magnificent scenery, hospitable hosts and memorable quality time with your beloved ones are all the things you could get by visiting Pollensa. May you and your family have the best vacation together.