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5 Summer Jobs in California for Students Who Love Animals

Everyone is waiting for summer to finally refresh themselves after a hard year of studying. Some will use the chance to go on vacation abroad, while others will explore some hidden places nearby. But there are also students who will use their free time for their benefit by applying for a part-time job to make some money.

While you are planning on how you are going to spend your summer, you still need to focus on finals and the remaining assignments. It’s not a secret that education is hard and students are always overloaded with tons of homework. And if you are struggling with writing essays, the college essay writing service will provide you with prompt assistance. So from now on, you can draw up a clear plan for summer beforehand. 

Those who want to make some money and gain key skills and work experience should definitely look for some job opportunities. If you don’t want to go anywhere and work from home, you can try freelancing for example. But if you prefer an active way of life and being in constant movement you should try something else.

Have you ever thought about working with animals? For students it can be the best option as some jobs require no work experience and who knows maybe this field will become your dream job and destiny. We prepared some information about animal-related job offers you can apply for in the summer.

Working on a Farm

California offers a plethora of seasonal farm worker jobs during the summer months. The summer spent as a seasonal farm worker not only helps you earn some extra income but also offers an educational experience that can deepen your understanding and appreciation for animals.

If you are ready for some hard and dirty work, you can try working at animal farms. They always need a few extra helping hands to look after the animals there. But be ready to take care of animals during the whole day and even on hot sticky afternoons. Besides, the smell there is also something that can bother you. But if this does not turn you off and you are glad to do this job then it might be a good fit for you.

You can surf the internet and look for some information there or visit local farms and speak to the owner in person. If you want to be hired, you need to show the employer that you are a caring, responsible and hardworking person. But the key point is to love animals. 

In case you are a pre-vet student, working on a farm you will gain excellent experience you can add to your CV after graduating. This will give you a competitive advantage as you will be provided with the opportunity to interact with animals. It’s not something you learn from books about them. It’s a chance to observe their behavior, habits, way of life and be a part of it. Actually, the best option is to become one with animals and understand the deep meaning of nature itself. 

Landing a Job at a Vet Clinic

You might ask how it is possible to get a job in a vet clinic without any necessary education and experience. But it is possible! You can apply for a position of a kennel assistant as it’s considered to be an entry-level one. It’s a perfect opportunity for people aged 15-25 years old. 

Your duty will lie in some basic stuff like cleaning kennels and exam rooms. Sounds boring but it will be only the beginning of your career, in case you decide to connect your life with animals and get a job in a vet clinic. Also, you will go for a walk with animals, clean them, and play, as some animals will be stressed out and will need some attention.

After some time you can get another position, namely, veterinary assistant. Your task will be restraining animals while the doctor is examining them and doing some tests. You will be provided with the necessary equipment in order not to hurt yourself in case the animal is aggressive.  

Working in a Zoo or Aquarium

A lot of zoos offer cool summer work for students who love animals and want to try working in their environment. Zoos refer to this option as internships rather than real job offers. Also, they provide students with the opportunity to get a job in a camp as a counsellor.

In general, while working in a zoo you will not be allowed to take care of some exotic animals but you will have a chance to observe how zookeepers do it. Meanwhile, you can do some cleaning routines or, for example, assist zoo educators during the excursion for visitors. 

The same goes for aquariums. Without the required education and experience you will not be allowed to interact with fish directly. You will even not be allowed to clean fish tanks if you don’t have a diving certificate. But what you can do is guide people or entertain kids. 

Here is a list of the most popular zoos and aquariums in California where you can land an interview:

  1. San Francisco Zoo
  2. California Living Museum Bakersfield
  3. Fresno Chaffee Zoo
  4. Charles Paddock Atascadero
  5. Aquarium of the Pacific Long Beach
  6. Birch Aquarium La Jolla
  7. Sea Life Aquarium Carlsbad
  8. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Pet Store Help

Working in a pet store does not mean that you will always be in contact with animals. But there are some shops where some small pets like hamsters, birds, and lizards are sold. In this case, your obligation will be not only restocking merchandise, consulting customers, and operating the cash register but also cleaning cages and taking care of animals. The hours are flexible and, usually, you don’t need to be at the store all day long. 

But be prepared to arrive there in the morning to feed the pets, clean the shop floor and cages. One more thing is that sometimes you will have to deal with poor dead animals. Unfortunately, this concerns rodents who can’t live as long as humans do. Living in a small cage in a shop among other species can be especially stressful for them. So you should be mentally prepared for such cases as they are not rare. 

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

The easiest job you can apply for without any experience is sitting with pets or walking them. Summer is usually a very high-demand season as a lot of people are going away on vacations but can’t take their pets with them. That’s why pet care services become highly relevant.

As a dog walker, you can take as many dogs for a walk as you can, depending on how obedient and well-behaved they are. It will take you around one hour to be done with work, although some owners may schedule more time or visits during the day. 

If you decide to be a pet sitter, you will have to come over to the owner’s house and spend the due time there while taking care of pets. This is an especially effective option for little puppies, senior dogs, dogs with separation anxiety, or dogs with chronic medical conditions like diabetes.

Summing Up

An animal-related job is the best option for people who can’t imagine their life without our smaller brethren. In this article, you will find all the relevant and best summer jobs you can apply for. So don’t hesitate to take all the information into account and choose what you want to try.