5 things to do with outgrown clothes

I don’t know about you, but my boys are forever outgrowing clothes and it is important to me to not let them just clutter up the home.  In the past I have been guilty of just popping them in to black sacks and putting them in the loft maybe for the next possible child or until I know what to do with them.   However, I am not guilty of this any more.  I refuse to let my home become cluttered and they can also become damaged if just left.


So I have the following strategy:

  1. Firstly if I notice something no longer fits I make sure I launder it and iron it, then I place it in a special box I have.  Once the box get’s full up then I do one of the following:
  2. Car boot sale – twice a year I try to do a car boot sale.  The next one will be a week on Sunday.  I have a clothes rail and hangers and I price things at 50p to £1 an item.  I also offer discounts so 6 items for £5.  The aim of a bootsale for me is to come home with as little as possible.
  3. Pass down – we have friends who have four boys all smaller than my children,. so I make sure that I give them the option of taking any clothes that they might like
  4. Charity Shop – I am more than happy to purchase the boys clothes from the charity shop, so I do try to pass alo9ng things that we have that still have some wear in them.  I do this with all the school uniform that no longer fits the boys.
  5. I also use sites like Music Magpie, who offer cash for clothes.  They are great for any designer label stuff you have and is much more reliable than using ebay, especially since the postage charges have increased.