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For most families, having a car is a must! A family car serves many purposes; driving the children to and from school, travelling to work, doing the weekly shop and visiting the seaside at the weekend would be much more difficult when forced to rely on public transport.

5 Ways the modern family can afford a new car

There’s also no getting away from the fact that cars are expensive, and many people are put off from buying a new car because they think they can’t afford it. Contrary to this, though, used cars can end up costing the family more down the line as they constantly need to go in for repairs or end up needing new parts.

If you don’t need a car all the time, why not consider hiring a car when you need one, such as from Warrington Car Hire.

In fact, there are a number of ways the modern family can afford to buy a new car these days, and with the wide range of finance options available, buying a new car has never been easier. Here are five ways the modern family can afford to buy a new car.

Take advantage of a scrappage scheme

Did you know that the scrappage scheme is back? Some manufacturers have brought back the scheme, meaning that you can trade your old car in for money to go towards a new one.

Ford is currently offering up to a £2000 trade-in contribution towards a new car, and last year Vauxhall were offering the same deal. A scrappage scheme can be a very easy way of using your old car as a deposit, saving money on the total cost of a new car.

Go electric with a government grant

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly car, the government will reward you with a grant towards the cost.

The plug-in car grant currently covers 35% off the cost of a car up to a maximum of £5,000 and 20% off the cost of a van up to a maximum of £8,000. The grants for cars will go down after 1 March 2016 so get in there now if you want to make the most of it!

Part – Exchange your car

One of the most popular ways of saving money on your new car is by part-exchanging your current one. This means you can put the value of your current car against the cost of a new one, acting as a full or partial deposit. Plenty of dealerships, such as this one located in Brooklyn Center, offer this type of arrangement. There are a few things to bear in mind when part-exchanging your car, such as making sure you get a fair value for your old car and understanding any extra fees that may be involved. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a new car, part-exchanging your old one could be the best option for you.

Buy a car on a finance deal

Most people buy new cars through finance deals such as the ones offered by Stoneacre Financial Services. There are a range of finance deals available, such as Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Personal Contract Hire. Finance deals make new cars affordable as the cost is spread over a number of low monthly payments, and your deal can be flexible to match your personal requirements.

Buy through bad credit car finance

If you want to buy a car on finance but your credit rating is low, then you can benefit from bad credit car finance. This type of finance is designed for those with bad credit ratings, or those who have no credit history. This type of finance enables those who would usually be refused credit to build their profile back up, by taking out a loan and paying it back in full every month, while enjoying the use of a new car.

5 Ways the modern family can afford a new car

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  • Helen Neale

    Good advice, don’t know about electric car thou. A good electric car is still very very expensive, even with a government grant, but they will get cheaper very soon I hope.

  • Emma

    Such great incentives to owning a nice family car. Cars are much cheaper in the UK than they are in Denmark or Munich which really surprised me…

  • Ness

    I’ve only ever paid cash for cars! It took me so long to pass my test that by the time I was ready to buy a car I had saved enough for a brand new one! What did help me though was that the car came with free fully comp insurance. They put me on as a new driver and my husband with just a provisional licence. It would have cost us thousands otherwise for our first car insurance.

  • Kara

    I didn’t realise some places were still offering a scrappage scheme. Thankfully our car is only a couple of years old so no plans to change just yet

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