5 Ways To Breathe New Life To Your Old Kitchen

Is your kitchen showing signs of aging and looking dull? It’s time for some revamping! Since kitchens are the most important room in every house many people want the best of the best for their kitchens. But sometimes you need to make your kitchen look new without even spending loads of money on it. No matter what the event is, your kitchen is the place for the meals and entertaining guests, so making sure it looks new and fresh is important.

We found some cheap, easy and quick ways to breathe a new life in your kitchen with these hacks!

1. Polish your countertops:

Countertops take up a lot of space in your kitchen and often determine the tone of colors in the kitchen and work as a focal point in many kitchens if we have a dark color or distinguished design. Dull countertops can really put off the whole mood of your kitchen so if you want to revamp things a little polishing your countertops would be a great idea. Most countertops do fine with chemical cleans and often return to their original shine and lustrous appeal, Quartz on the other hand is a little different. 

Quartz is prone to damage with abrasive sponges and chemical cleaning products so never use them on Quartz countertops, but if you did then you would definitely need a new polish. Here’s how to polish your quartz countertops in 6 easy steps

  • Take some warm water and mix in 2-5 drops of liquid soap to make a soapy mixture. 
  • Then use a sponge to clean the counter, make sure that the sponge that you use is non-abrasive so that you don’t damage the surface permanently. 
  • Now use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe off the soapy mixture. You will start seeing a difference already upon this light cleaning. 
  • Now you should use quartz polishing products which can be found in stores and online. Follow the instructions on the label and you’ll have a shiny countertop once again! 
  • Alternatively you can use any other window cleaner to shine the surface. This may be a little unusual but window cleaners are specifically made to make the glass shine. You can mix some the cleaner with water in a spray bottle and spray evenly on the surface of the countertops. 
  • Once you’ve sprayed the cleaner, clean it off with a clean and soft cloth. Use another soft cloth to complete dry it and reveal shiny and lustrous countertops.

2. Change Light Fixtures 

Lighting in general is one of the most popular ideas to revamp a room. The right kind of lighting for the kitchen is crucial not only to work easily but to highlight the interior design as well! Since a kitchen does not have big chandeliers what you can do is add accent lighting on your island or pendant lights that now come in a variety of designs and styles. Additionally, using hanging lights can change the look drastically if your kitchen was previously lit with wall mounted lights only. Move from tube lights to LEDs to have more bright and focused light. You can also add lighting underneath your cabinets that are directly above countertops to have a better view of your cutting board always. 

3. Try Wallpaper

This might be a little expensive update if you plan to have a new wall paper on the walls but we have a different idea. Get a chic new wall paper roll and use it on your kitchen appliances. If you have a plain white fridge that gives the whole kitchen a gloomy vibe then paste the wall paper on the front of the refrigerator maybe your microwave and oven also to give the electrical appliances a uniform look especially if they’re all in the same space. This wall paper can serve as the ideal way to add colors in your kitchen while making a very unusually chirpy corner with colors. 

Image Credit – Amy Wilson Interiors

4. Paint your Kitchen Cabinets. 

Getting bored with brown kitchen cabinets is completely alright, there’s already enough brown in the house with all the doors and cupboards. Changing the color of your cabinets will definitely give your kitchen a new look. While deciding the color of the cabinets keep in mind the color of your backsplash and floor tiles. We would suggest a new bright color should be incorporated in your kitchen since it will really elevate the mood. For example if you have a white kitchen painting your cabinets in a light teal color or a yellow color would give it a vibrant and fresh look while making the cabinets the focal point.

5. Change Door Knobs and Handles. 

This is a very minimal change as compared to the other changes that may be able to breathe new life in your kitchen. But if you go for statement drawer knobs you may be able to make a mark with this small change. There are a lot of interesting options available now, some stores even offer animals and cartoons in the form of knobs if you have kids around this could be a fun idea. Moreover, using a vintage knob that is a little bigger in size will also help to emphasize this small part of your kitchen. 

Sometimes you need to make your kitchen look new without even spending loads of money on it so follow our tips for breathe new life into it.

We know this may not help you achieve your dream kitchen but this might help you get one step closer to it. Keep finding new ideas to revamp your kitchen and do things step by step to always make your kitchen look like the king of the house.