Over 50 Family Fun activities for under a Fiver 24

I was challenged by Wilson Field to come up with a post all about as much family fun on a fiver as I could.  I was really shocked that my toothpaste nearly cost £5 this week when I went shopping, which really got me thinking about how much family fun can you have for a fiver.

Over 50 Family Fun activities for under a Fiver

Outdoor Ideas

rain catcher
  1. Go on a family bike ride
  2. Visit a local landmark that you have always said you would like the Angel of the North
  3. Geocaching
  4. Go on a nature hunt
  5. Buy a fly a kite or even better make one and yes you can still buy a kite under £5.
  6. Go on a beach walk and collect stones – use your £5 for ice cream at the end
  7. Go feed the ducks – remember don’t feed them bread, they love frozen peas!
  8. Take a free FA skills course with Tesco
  9. Go to the local park or a new to you park and take hot chocolate and marshmallows in the flask to enjoy.
  10. Visit the library and get treats on the way home
  11. Learn how to skim stones
  12. Make a rain catcher
  13. Visit local free attractions such as museums, art galleries or airshows
  14. Use your £5 to get some seeds to plant. If you are looking for a quick turnaround then buy some cress.

At home

coke floats
  1. Have a movie night, with popcorn.
  2. Have a family colouring in night
  3. Set up family science experiments
  4. Play drinks bottle skittles
  5. Make dream catchers
  6. Make button biscuits 
  7. Do some apple printing
  8. Bake a cake and have a tea party
  9. Have a family jigsaw night – go to the local charity shops to buy preloved inexpensive jigsaws
  10. Make comic strips
  11. Make potato print wrapping paper
  12. Make a homemade book 
  13. Make paper plate clocks
  14. Plant some seeds and tend the garden
  15. Make a volcano 
  16. Make some shape sticks 
  17. Make some jam jar candle holders
  18. Have a family LEGO Evening
  19. Make some scratch paper
  20. Make tissue paper flowers
  21. Spend some time making a scrap book
  22. Eat some crisps and then shrink the crisp packets
  23. Embroider
  24. Get the paints out
  25. Make cupcakes
  26. Play pictionery
  27. Have a family games night
  28. Make an unbirthday cake
  29. Make some chic cards
  30. Make washi tape cards
  31. Have a spy day and leave some secret messages
  32. Decoupage something
  33. Make fingerprint cards
  34. Do some spring crafts
  35. Make coke floats
  36. Paint some plant pots 
  37. Make daffodil pinwheels
  38. Have a spa evening with homemade spa products
  39. Make banana bread 

Something for the weekend activities

stone art, crafts and activities
  1. Post it note crafts and activities
  2. Stone crafts and activities
  3. Family drawing activities 
  4. Bird Activities
  5. Outdoor activities
  6. Pom Pom activities and crafts
  7. Heart crafts and activities
50 familiy activities under £50