50 winter activities for kids – Low cost or no cost 11

We have had a really mild winter this year in the UK and no snow yet for us all all.  I love how normally in the UK we have four distinct seasons and that we have regular activities that we do as a family to celebrate the seasons.  These 50 winter activities for kids are perfect for this time of year and are all pretty low cost or even no cost.

50 winter activities for kids

Each season I update our bored jar with new activities for the new season.  So I never hear the words I’m Bored from either of the boys.  I also fill our bored jar with a selection of chores too and these are perfect for anyone wanting to swap out activities for the winter season,

50 winter activities for kids

50 winter activities for kids
  1. Create an obstacle course
  2. Make a photo album
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Play indoor hopscotch
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Make an indoor ball pit pool
  7. Make a den
  8. Build a snowman
  9. Play with LEGO
  10. Do a science experiment
  11. Make a snowstorm in a water
  12. Clean out your toy box
  13. Put on a fashion show
  14. Write a poem about winter
  15. Clean under the bed
  16. Spray-paint the snow outside
  17. Break out the pots and pans and play some music
  18. Blow bubbles outside to create frozen bubbles
  19. Indoor camping
  20. Have an indoor picnic
  21. Watch a winter movie
  22. Make a bird feeder
  23. Make paper snowflakes – We LOVE these name ones!
  24. Have a snowball fight or use white pompoms if you have no snow
  25. Read a book by the fire
  26. Winter scavenger hunt
  27. Make an orange pomander
  28. Make snow ice cream
  29. Make spiced cider
  30. Make soup
  31. Have hot chocolate and marshmallows
  32. Make snow angels or some indoor snow dough if you have none outside!
  33. Look for animal prints in the snow/mud
  34. Plan a New Year party or Chinese New Year party
  35. Cook for Chinese New Year
  36. Create a winter board game
  37. Knit a scarf – you don’t even need knitting needles for this one
  38. Snuggle under blankets
  39. Take winter nature photos
  40. Research hibernation
  41. Star gaze
  42. Go ice skating
  43. Play hide and seek
  44. Make a snow globe
  45. Create some winter art
  46. Have a dance party
  47. Set New Year’s resolutions
  48. Dry some oranges
  49. Make a glove monster
  50. Plant indoor bulbs
  51. Have a winter picnic
  52. Go on a winter walk
50 winter activities for kids

Which is your favourite? Thimble and Twig has a list of 30 winter activities for when there is no snow.

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