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6 Gifts Mothers Definitely Do Not Want on Mother’s Day + Cath Kidston Giveaway

Mother’s Day is a special time of year where we celebrate everything that our mothers have done for us over the years.  From changing your nappy to helping you put money into your children’s savings account and, these days, listening to all your worries and woes, your mum has been there for you through it all, so she deserves something special to remind her just how important she is. We suggest you read this list and avoid these items at all costs or you can expect to have one disappointed mum on your hands this Mother’s Day.

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‘#No.1 Mum’ Mug
Firstly, how many mugs does your mum actually need? You already bought her that colour-changing one for her birthday and she still hasn’t used that mug with a picture of your face on it that you got her for Christmas. Secondly your mum’s only going to get upset when she bumps into someone at work with the same mug and realises that she is not the sole owner of the title ‘Number 1 Mum.’


This is a present that should be reserved for Father’s Day only and even then it’s a pretty lame gift. That fake smile you’re dad put on is going to look even more unbelievable when your mum tries it out.  And for heaven’s sake if you do opt for this gift, take note from above and don’t buy a pair that declares your mum as the ‘Best Mum in the World.’ It’s not OK on socks either.

Anti-Ageing Cream
Yes your mum has been talking about how she’s run out of her anti-ageing cream or she’s been going on about that new product she saw on the TV that claims to take 10 years off your face. No, that wasn’t a hint. Any gift that suggests your mother isn’t the youthful, beautiful young mum she once was is asking for the silent treatment or possibly even tears. This also applies to hair dye to get rid of those pesky grey hairs, cellulite cream, weightwatcher membership, gym membership …

A Tattoo
Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day  like a tattoo of your mother’s face slapped across your arm or the picture of a heart with the word ‘Mum’ scrawled across it plastered on your chest. It’ll really help you bag that special someone and help you out with next year’s Mother’s Day gift of a grandchild for sure.

Bath Stuff
This can actually be quite a nice present. Your mum can have some much needed ‘me’ time whilst she relaxes in the bath making use of your present.  Where you most likely sourced this present from however is probably what makes this present one of the worst.  It’s pretty likely that your mum remembers seeing you unwrap the present that your auntie gave you just a few months ago at Christmas and probably feels a little cheated now it seems to have made its way into her collection of Mother’s Day presents.

A Book on Parenting
If it’s her first Mother’s Day as a parent, she’s probably going to appreciate all the help she can get. On her 10th Mother’s Day as a mum she’s probably not.

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Cath Kidston Giveaway – What is on your wish-list this Mother’s Day?

To stand a chance to win this lovely Cath Kidston Sewing Kit with the twin travel pack tell us what your most desirable Mother’s Day present is. Whether the kids bring you breakfast in bed, make you a card, give you a weekend away (with the collaboration of Daddy’s credit card) or they promise you they will to go to bed on-time, we want to hear what you are wishing for this Mother’s Day!

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