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6 Steps to Planning a Family Camping Trip

It’s an amazing experience for kids to go camping. And getting them outside to reconnect with nature is a wonderful thing to see as a parent too. 

6 Steps to Planning a Family Camping Trip

With the winter months upon us, I’m starting to plan trips for next year and want to plan a family camping trip. Here are my top tips on what to think about!

Bring Comforts From Home

Your children may not be accustomed to camping, so bringing something familiar will help with the transition. Do they have a specific blanket? What about their fave pyjamas?

Items that give kids the confidence to stay outside will make them comfortable. Keep thinking about camping as a vacation, and then a little home luxury can help them calm down. We bought a portable power station to allow us to bring the iPad and charge it too. That way, the little one can watch his favourite shows before bed and settle in.

6 Steps to Planning a Family Camping Trip

Find an Established or Accessible Campground

Your initial camping trip should just be fun. Your child can improve their camping skills at any age, and they only want to go camping when their parents enjoy it too. If you have never been camping before, stick to establishied campgrounds that have many facilities for you. Find camping sites that are clean and have good water and toilets. Maybe even WiFi for the times that you give in and give your kid their handhelds back to make evenings a little more chill.

Make a Packing List

Camping packing lists and unpacking lists are an important component of planning. If you’ve been camping, you understand the frustration of leaving something back at the house that could make your camping experience more enjoyable. Packing lists allow you to keep track of everything that’s vital for safety and fun. Try to encourage the children to make their own packing lists too. Don’t have everything you need nor the funds to buy them, then take a look art how you can save money when you first start camping.

Don’t Forget the First Aid Kit

Safety can be an issue when camping with children, especially concerning bruises or cuts they get from running around the outdoors all day, climbing trees, and hiding in bushes. Camping safety can become extremely important if there’s no cell reception or you’re far from the closest hospital. I suggest purchasing camping-specific first aid kits or putting together a mum’s first aid kit as they may include things like a tick remover. You can build your first aid kit with basic materials from the pharmacy as well.

Make Food Over a Campfire

Bring the fun and excitement to camping by cooking for children outdoors. Anyone can make anything on fire, and not just hotdogs on sticks. Campers have an excellent chance at making all-in-one meals using cast iron skillets. Bring vegetables to fry or bacon and eggs for breakfast. Anything cooked over a campfire is better and the kids will have amazing memories attached to the experience.  No fridge, no problem!

Plan Activities

Planning is essential for the enjoyment of a family camping trip. There must be enough structure to get through the week and keep the kids happy. Make conversation with your children before you go. And for the love of everything, make sure you have rainy-day activities planned, nothing is worse than having your kid stuck in a tent in the rain with nothing to do! 

In this guide, I will walk through all the steps to plan and have an amazing camping trip with kids because family camping can be amazing for everyone.

Final Thoughts

I hope this write-up has inspired you to plan a family camping trip for next year! Bookmark this list to ensure you’ve got everything you need for when your family camping adventure begins. You won’t be sorry!