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7 Christmas Gift Ideas That You Haven’t Yet Considered

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You might have already explored some options, but if nothing’s crossed your mind – try these unobvious ideas that Flowwow experts found for you. 

7 Christmas Gift Ideas

1.  Dried flower composition

The right choice for men with impeccable taste: modest yet stylish dried flower sets can never be overdone or go extremely over the top in shapes and colours; they are durable – and, let’s be honest, perfect for winter. A great alternative to the traditional Christmas decorations of spruce and mistletoe.

2. Wooden compartmental dish

A trendy Scandinavian serving plate has all the chances of replacing your favourite bowls and dishes. Put some cheese, a handful of nuts, a couple of stacks of crackers and some seasonal berries on it – and you’re ready to host a cosy Christmas evening. Friends and family members who like get-togethers will definitely appreciate such a gift.

3. Terrarium

A sealed micro-garden recreating the landscape of the Mexican desert or the Amazon tropical rainforest is a lovely and unexpected gift for avid travellers and gardeners, which doesn’t require much watering or care; and every glance at it makes you dream of beautiful lands far, far away.

4. Poster

It’s great if you gift someone a stylish poster with a reference or an inside joke that only you two will understand: it’s going to be a memorable present – and a quite touching one, too.

5. Christmas cake

Life is too short to refuse an incredible freshly-made cake, especially during a holiday. It can be a great general present for the family: add a glass of fragrant punch or a cup of hot tea to make the Christmas vibe complete.

6. Night light

Holiday starts with proper lighting. Get away from gift-giving stereotypes and present your friends with a shining distant planet instead of conventional fairy lights: this gift is enough to create a magical atmosphere.

7.  Candle

A traditional Christmas gift becomes a pleasant adventure when you look for a natural, soft soy wax candle with a wooden wick and an exclusive scent. From palo santo and bergamot to lemon tart and popcorn – these scents fill the space with a subtle aroma and set the mood for romance. Plus when you have a lovely container like this you can use it to refill and make your own candles.

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